Banish those Eye Bags


The nerve of eye bags! They make you look haggard and so much older than you really are – effectively damaging your cool, classy professional look. How can you get rid of them?

As the Chinese adage goes: "To solve the problem you will first have to find the cause". Here are the top four causes for those dreadful eye bags and some tips to prevent or, if not, reduce them.

Cause #1: Age

Sadly, eye bags are more often than not a sign that you are aging. As one ages, the skin cells lose the ability to regenerate as quickly and become thinner. This results in the sensitive tissue area around your eyes to droop and sag, and blood vessels might in turn become more obvious too.

To this end, investing in a good bottle of sunscreen (SPF50 and above) and a good pair of sunglasses will help prevent sun damage and premature aging around the ages as well as those nasty freckles.

Moisturising eye creams will also help make up the water loss in the delicate area. When applying eye creams, gently tap the area around your eyes with your index finger to allow better absorption of the liquid.

Cause #2: Bad Make-up Removal Skills

Never ever sleep with your eye make-up on. Leaving long hours of eye make-up on strains the eye vessels and weakens the skin around the area, which in turn results in sagging. And in removal, use eye-specific make-up removal products to ensure that you remove your eye make-up gently but completely.

The same goes when applying make-up. Do not pull the skin around your eyes and draw your eyeliner gently on. Just like a rubber band loses its elasticity after much pulling, the skin around your eyes will sag with constant tugging while applying make-up.

Cause #3: Lack of Beauty Sleep

After a long, hard day at work, especially for those with desk-bound jobs, your eyes require much rest and sleep is the best way to achieve that. So make sure that you get yourself at least eight hours of sleep each day.

Cause #4: Dehydration

Your eyes may look puffy but that does not mean you have too much moisture around your eyes. In fact, you should drink more water and go for moisturising eye creams as eye bags often indicate dehydration which causes the storing of water and the lack of sebaceous glands.

There are exceptions though. Stay hydrated but do not drink water half an hour before going to bed as it increases your body's fluid retention, including the eye area. Also, avoiding alcohol would help as the monosodium glutamate in the drink dehydrates your body.

Some eye bags could be menstrual-related so there is no cause for worry as of yet as it would go away in time. For others, it could be hereditary or due to natural aging but there are ways to prevent or reduce the effects.

However, if you still find your eyes puffy and even a bit sore after having good amount of sleep and water, a balanced diet and removing your make-up well, you should consult a doctor to check whether you are allergic to any of your skincare products or foods.

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