Korres, a clinically-tested, organic and homeopathic range of products enriched with active plant extracts, was founded and officially launched by pharmacist George Korres from Athens, Greece, in 1996. Just 15 years later, it has reached the shores of my little island and could be found in malls such as Ion Orchard and Parco Millenia.

The Korres company philosophy prizes research and development, and their wide range covers hair care, skin care, body products, sun screen and anti-aging products among others. Today, Korres features over 400 natural and organic-certified products that could be found in over 30 countries all over the world, including in pharmacies and on Delta airlines.

Common to all products, however, is a clear emphasis on all natural products with no synthetic ingredients. Just take a look at its ingredient list – you will find herbal products that you may actually know rather than names of dangerous-sounding chemicals. However, this also means you can't expect the products to take effect as instantly as those chemically-concocted.

Nonetheless, we would say give the Korres range a try for the unique Greek flora, such as olive oil, basil, camomile, fennel and sage among others, infused – each ingredient painstakingly harvested and naturally processed by the people of local communities in Athens. After all, few products enable you to smell good and look better at the same time.

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