The Way to Whiter Teeth

A set of great pearly whites projects confidence and can benefit you in your job, especially if it is sales related. But not all of us are fortunate to be born with naturally white teeth nor do we know how to keep them as white as can be.

Unknown to most, medications like antibiotic tetracycline may cause internal staining – even for children with developing teeth – that has to be removed through cosmetic procedures.

Also, with age, the hard outer layer of our tooth enamel starts to wear and thin, revealing the underlying layer of yellowish dentin. This ugly layer is more evident with those negligent or lazy with their tooth brushing.

To obtain teeth as white as possible, you have to first understand what is causing the stains (like the two causes mentioned above). However, you have to be realistic as well. Posters of models with pure white teeth are most likely photoshopped. If your teeth is just slightly stained, just note the below few ways to prevent further staining. If not, read on to find out where went wrong and how to correct the wrong.

The Basic: Brushing

From young, we have been drilled by dental nurses to brush our teeth twice a day or risk getting gum disease and gapping holes in our mouth. And they are right. Daily brushing is the way to go for those with naturally okay teeth. If possible, brush after every meal and snack to remove plaque and superficial stains.


Take a look at your teeth in the mirror. Notice that plaque and stains are more evident at the edges of the teeth? A simple but much dreaded solution for this: With flossing, such stains will not exist.

Watch What You Eat

For many of us, a typical workday does not begin without that cup of coffee. But this leaves us with the problem of staining our teeth with that dark, aromatic drink. And coffee alone is not the cause. Other possible culprits include tea and colas, as well as soy sauce, curry and even blueberries.

Think: If it can stain white porcelain, it can sure stain your teeth too. These slight stains may not be that obvious at first but become more noticeable over time.

On the other hand, most fruits and vegetables like apples, pears and carrots trigger off the production of saliva, which helps to scrub away stains on your pearly whites. So have more fruits and vegetables; they are healthier and keep your teeth prettier too.

Use a Straw

Okay, so you really can't quit the morning cup of coffee but the least you can do is to reduce exposure to the staining agents. If you must have coffee, drink it at one go rather than several small cups a day.

Also, gurgle with a whitening mouthwash, or if possible, brush your teeth, after drinking to prevent the stain from making contact and setting in.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the greatest cause for teeth stains. Smoking nicotine results in stubborn stains that are tough to remove, even with conscientious brushing. What's worse, the longer you smoke, the deeper these stains penetrate. So, if not for your health, quit smoking for your smile and your looks.

Whitening Toothpaste

You can get whitening toothpaste off the shelves at any supermarket. The toothpaste whitens teeth by dissolves superficial stains that are usually caused by coffee drinking or smoking. It is also good for maintaining the white-ness after a bleaching treatment.

Cosmetic Cleaning

If you still have stained teeth after conscientious brushing and flossing your teeth and have tried all methods mentioned above, or if you have badly stained teeth, visit your dentist and get your teeth professionally cleaned. This, of course, comes with a price but is a sure thorough way of whitening your teeth.

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