For Voluminous Tresses

For_Voluminous_TressesFlat and limp hair makes you look as if you just woke up, whether or not you really did, and may even make you lethargic and unprofessional. Give your hair some bounce and volume with our tips here.

Change your Hairstyle

Curls are one of the best and straightforward ways to get add volume to your hair instantly. A drawback will be that maintenance is required and some may look older with curls.

If that is so for you, you might want to layer your hair. By thinning out the ends, you make the nearer to roots area thicker by comparison. Side swept bangs and choppy cuts are styles that help too.


Don't wash your hair too often and be sure to wash all products off your hair. You don't want some unknown chemicals weighing those locks down. In cold, dry weather, it is alright to wash your hair twice to thrice a week. But even in humid climates like Singapore's, you should not be washing on a daily basis. What would be recommended would be as and when you feel your hair's weighing down or oily or dirty after sports.


After patting your hair dry, leave it to air dry a bit before using the hair dryer. With your hair hanging upside down, point the dryer towards the roots as you comb outwards. The heat should be focused on the roots not the ends as it will cause unwanted frizz. When done, meaning just slightly damp and not totally dessert-like, give your head a good shake.


Get the right brush. The best one for volume would be a cylindrical round brush which you should use from inside out for a rounded look. Also, never ever comb your hair when it is wet. Not only may you pull out tangled hair, you will also reduce the natural volume that remains. ProductsGet a good styling Mousse. Rub a little of the mousse on hand then apply on roots under top layer of hair. Hair thickening lotion may also be applied to the hair near the scalp before drying. And mist spray could be sprayed to retain the moisture all day!

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