Dress for Success

Dress_for_SuccessWhether you are already successful or not, dressing is important for anyone working in an office, especially if you have to meet clients ever so often. So here are some tips on how to dress for success!

#1 Invest First

Don't wait until you need the outfit; by then, it would have been too late. Be prepared for a few occasions: a formal dinner, conference and semi-formal business lunch. For ladies, essentials in the wardrobe would be the little black dress with a respectable pair of basic heels as well as a blazer or power pants for situations you need to assert yourself. For guys, a drawerful of tailored shirts and pants would easily do the trick.

Remember, you dress for your image of success, not where you actually are now. Purchasing classics is a wise choice – they might be more expensive but they are ever classy. You might want to get them in the few basic colours of black, navy blue, brown or beige for some variation.

#2 Dress-down Friday with a Pinch of Salt

Sure, you are heading out for a great time of partying after work and you are glad for dress-down Friday. Still, avoid the clubber look! Nothing too sexy should ever be worn to your workplace. As the old saying goes, no publicity is better than bad publicity. If you are going out for drinks and dance after work, bring along your change of clothes. Don't damage the reputation you worked so hard for just for a little convenience.

Respect the workplace. You may dress down for the special end-of-the-week day but remember it should still be business casual. This means no t-shirts or ugly track shoes. Jeans are acceptable but should not have any embellishments or in the tattered and torn style.

#3 Be Prepared for a Rainy Day

Always keep a pair of basic heels and an extra dress in your office or your car, just in case of a spill or the broken heel. Also, have a set of facial wash and bathroom essentials in the event you have to pull an overnighter and you have an important meeting the next morning that you need to remain looking professional for.

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