Find the Right Shampoo for You

Choose_the_Right_ShampooRather than covering up your hair flaws with styling products or a hairstyle, why not treat it at the root by getting the right shampoo? Here are some suggestions on finding a suitable one for you.

Dry Hair

Like when your skin is dry, you put on a moisturizer, you put on a moisturising shampoo when you have dry hair. Watch out for sulfate-free shampoos as those may take away the moisture of your hair while washing away protein. On the other hand, go for oil-based shampoos with essential oils that replaces sebum. Also, ensure your shampoo has a low pH level.

Conditioners are a good way to further moisturise your hair and protect it from drying out but your shampoo goes deeper to remove dirt and buildup while adding required moisture and minerals.

Avoid perming, colouring, bleaching or blow drying your hair too often as they may be a cause for your dry hair, if not worsening it. Also, foaming shampoos that are good for oily, limp hair will be detrimental for those with dry hair as they may further remove the moisture.

Frizzy Hair

Smoothing shampoos that softens your hair while taming it are usually creamy and moisturising with ingredients such as jojoba oils and sheer butter. These ingredients help to trap moisture in. More often than not, people with frizzy hair have also dry hair. So, see above for other recommendations.

Oily Hair

Got the problem of greasy, flat-looking hair? Go for clarifying shampoos but do not go extreme with them. If you remove all moisture from your scalp, it will only produce more and at a faster rate to make up for the sudden loss.

Fine or Thinning Hair

Fine or thinning hair may look limp, boring and even oily quickly. For this, you would require regular and frequent cleansing hence clear and gentle shampoos that are suitable for daily washing are recommended to remove build up, which will further pull your hair down. 

Conditioners may be used for those with a rare combination of dry and fine hair. However, one must be careful not to apply to scalp and wash it out shortly after application – or risk greasy looking hair.

Look out for an ingredient called panthenol, which helps build body as believed by many hair experts. Dry shampoos are also recommended for volume's sake as the powder not only soak up the build up, it adds body to your crown too.

Damaged Hair

If you are the sort that love to experiment with various hairstyles, such as perming and bleaching your hair, chances are that your crown might be damaged. Tell-tale signs include split ends, easy breakage and frizzy hair. In this case, you will need to repair your hair with shampoos that are saturated with vitamins, proteins and essential fatty acids that will increase your hair strength.

For those with coloured hair, you would want to do some maintenance work as well. Look out for shampoos that contain keratin bonding dyes as they retain colour for a greater period of time as well as gives your crown a shine.

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