3 Don'ts Do to your Hair

If you are the owner of all required hair products and constantly visit hair salons but still have hair problems, you may be guilty of the below three hair don'ts.


In the hot and humid weather of Singapore, many of us would bathe at least twice a day. Each time we do so, we also shampoo our hair. You may think there's nothing wrong with being extra clean right? Wrong. Washing your hair too often may cause it to dry out. Skip the shampoo and, if you really have to, go for sulphateless products to avoid dehydrating your hair.


The invention of the hairdryer is awesome for allowing us to lengthen the much needed beauty sleep. The quick curling or straightening device is even better for being a cheap and fast solution for a special night out. However, all that heat on the head does serious damage to your crown. Cut down on the hairdrying, only do so if you absolutely need to. If you really have to, apply a heat protectant for your hair first.


Rotating between perming and straightening your hair while coloring it once in awhile? You might be overdoing your styling of the hair, causing it to be easily breakable and brittle. So moisturise your hair often and treat yourself to the occasional serum at the salon.

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