They say the eyes are windows to your soul. It is true and eyeliners can help frame them better. But there are just so many types and so many brands of eyeliners. Where do we begin and which should we choose?


The pencil eyeliner works exactly like a pencil. Compared to the gel or liquid eyeliner, it is much easier to use and it comes in a wide variety of colours. However, pencil eyeliners tend to get blunt over time so if you want more definition, sharpen them well. Nonetheless, they are the cheapest choice in the market. If you are the sort to go for a variety of colours, this would help in the affordability aspect.


The gel eyeliner is generally easier to use as compared to the liquid eyeliner. However, two things are required for the use of it: an angled brush and a pot of gel. Depending on the kind of brush you use, the lines drawn could be sharp or blunt. This makes the gel eyeliner the flexible choice. If you need definition, use a finer tip brush and, if you are looking at the smokey eyes look, this takes longer to dry and hence easier to smudge.


Liquid eyeliners are simply tubes with a brush dipped in liquid of choice, usually black or dark blue. They help you create dramatic bold looks that are very defined. This also means a steady hand that can do short brush strokes is required.


For those looking for a more natural daytime look, the eyeshadow eyeliner might just be for you. Using a stiff angled brush, take in the eyeshadow colour you wish to put on and draw it as you would for the other eyeliners. It is easier to apply and more forgiving too, but it is also less obvious and will not last as long as the real deals.

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