Hair-raising Fashion: The Manliest Fur Coat

Chest Hair Fur Coat
The avant-garde fashion world is all about taking fashion to new heights, to break limits, to push boundaries, to make people exclaim “wtf is that shit?”, to shock and horrify, and to cloth Lady Gaga. Fashion this year is embracing hirsutism, what with the recent hairy stockings from China and now a fur coat made entirely of men’s chest hair. Hairy is now the new sexy.
Commissioned by Wing-Co which typically produces protein milk drinks for men, the downy coat was created as a protest against the widespread sissy-fication of British men, defined by clean-shaven chests and emasculating fashion. Generally, Wing-Co disapproves of men walking on the thin line between straight and gay, the metrosexuals, the men who dress like faggots, talk like faggots, behave like faggots but are sexually interested in women.
Chest Hair Fur Coat 
The coat took a team of fashion designers over 200 hours to complete and features over a million strands of male chest hair painstakingly woven together. It comes at a hefty price tag of £2,499 (SGD$4923.30).
For all you new-age hippies and PETA freaks out there, you can rest assure that the coat is totally organic and no animals were harmed in the making of this coat, except maybe the men who had to get their chest hair plucked for its creation.
It seems quite ironic to me though, how Wing-Co is protesting over men with hairless chests but had to remove hair from men’s chest in order to make the coat.
Anyone interested in purchasing this coat in all its hirsute glory would like to know that you can always pair it with these hairy stockings.
Information Source: Daily Mail UK

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