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Japan has done it again! Achieved weirdness when we think that they can't get any more weirder. Japan is going through a fashion phase where there's an uprising popularity in men wearing bras. A Japanese online shopping site, Rakuten, has six pages worth of bras on retail designed specifically for men.
Women can't wait to get home to take off their bras and let their funbags hang out after a whole day of being incarcerated in cloth cells. Some men in Japan however, are embracing the idea of having a tight restraint wrapped around their chests. This is not just limited to the men in Japan, a reporter from JapanToday did some research and found out that this trend is occurring worldwide. She found a few websites and forums where men came together and talked about how great wearing a bra is.
A common reason is that of a sense of protection. “I feel relieved and protected,” a man from England explained.
Other men cited physical reasons. An Italian man said that when he wears a bra, “My back feels supported by my chest and relieved.”
The events that triggered this unusual preference is attributed from losing a bet to a dare challenge.
While the idea of feeling protected is very appealing to these men, many of them do not wear it out for fear of being exposed. They worry that if they wore it to work, someone would notice, and they worry that their wives or spouse would catch them one day raiding their lingerie drawer. Basically for these bra-loving men, they are screwed either ways... Without a bra, they would lose their sense of security, and with a bra, they live in constant anxiety that they would get caught.
When news of this trend came out to light, many Japanese blamed it on the “ongoing feminization of men”, while others wrote these bra-loving-men off as closet homosexuals. A few took to it with righteous liberation, arguing that if wearing bras does not affect the men's lives or anyone else's around them, they should be able to do whatever they please, especially when “this shouldn’t be a problem since men and women are supposed to be equal.” One commenter warned that these men should not wear bras in the summer for when they sweat, others would be able to see the bras they are wearing.
There were many comments making the connection with the character Stefan from “The World of Golden Eggs”, a Japanese anime series about a rural high school. In the anime, Stefan can be seen wearing a bra which he insists to be just a “pectoral supporter” and nothing more.
But then again, is anyone really surprised of Japanese men wearing bras? After all, over these past few years, more and more Japanese men can be seen in pop culture adopting a more feminine approach to their appearances. Maybe give it a few years and the dressing sense for male and females in Japan will swap.
Information Source: JapanToday

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