Shoot into Spring 2017 with Guerlain's Illuminating Happy Glow Météorites

guerlain happy glow
Like a shooting star streaking across the sky, in a flash, Guerlain's Météorites turns 30. Renowned throughout the luxury beauty scene for delivering an illuminating glow, Guerlain marks the Météorites 30th anniversary by reinventing the illustrious rainbow pearls.
Born in 1987, Guerlain’s Météorites was conceived from the creative mind of Dominique Szabo, Creative Director of Guerlain Make-up at the time, who aspired to offer women pure radiance through these pearls that embody a real concentrate of optical technologies.
Throughout these 30 years, the Météorites have always been changing and improving in accordance to the ever-evolving needs of women. Pioneers in colour correction and an optically enhanced glow, Météorites pearls have been enriched with “Rainbow” and “Stardust” technologies to make the invisible visible and reveal even more light on the skin.
The Météorites thrusts its wearer into the spotlight, transforming her into the star of the show.
Guerlain's Météorites solves the vexatious problem of redness, dark spots, unsightly veins, dull complexions and various other skin imperfections by color balance. The issue with covering up imperfections with a concealer or foundation is that piling all that product might result in a caked complexion that is not very desirable.
When it comes to dark-eye circles, an orange-hued lipstick is typically applied over the area to neutralize the color and make the circles disappear. If faced with redness, green makeup is used to tone it down. However, if you want to remedy every potential skin crisis, you may find yourself carrying a truckload of make-up products. All the more so as make-up artists insist on the need to apply a final touch of concealer to ensure that the correction is completely undetectable.
It was on this basic principle that Guerlain’s Météorites were developed in 1987. They comprise of three harmonious versions created to meet the colour correction and radiance needs of fair, medium and dark skin. Each of these versions include six shades of compacted pearls of powder with a specific benefit.
These six shades of pearls blend perfectly under the brush for smart, multi-beneficial colour correction with an au naturale finish and an illuminating glow.
guerlain happy glow meteorites
Météorites Happy Glow Pearls – S$115
To celebrate 30 successful years, Guerlain introduced the Météorites Happy Glow Pearls – a limited edition pearlescent capsule of the largest “Rainbow Glow” pearls that deliver luminous boost thanks to multi-coloured shimmer, while the three other shades each provide a specific benefit: champagne to reflect light, mauve to counter yellow hues and catch the light, and pink for a refreshing, complexion-brightening effect.
The Happy Glow Météorites is a new harmony with a combination of correcting and illuminating pearls to target signs of tiredness and reveal the skin’s natural radiance.
guerlain happy glow meteorites
Météorites Happy Glow Blush – S$84
The Météorites Happy Glow Blush, inspired by Météorites Voyage and their compacted micro-pearls of powder in a travel-friendly compact, is a 2-in-1 blush and highlighter product that enhances the skin’s glow. Mini “Rainbow Glow” pearls pressed into a compact case deliver a luminous boost thanks to multi-coloured shimmer, pink pearls offer a refreshing, complexion-brightening effect, while fuchsia pearls revive radiance and create a fresh complexion.
guerlain kisskiss
KissKiss (Blossom Glow) – S$54 & KissKiss (Pearly Pink) – S$54 
Two new limited-edition KissKiss lipstick shades add to the Météorites collector’s editions – Blossom Glow, a dark pink hue with reddish undertones, and Pearly Pink, a vibrant warm pink. These two shades are picked to complement the pinkish tones of the Météorites Happy Glow Pearls and Happy Glow Blush. Even when worn on its own, its rosy hues give the user a sweet smile reminiscent of Spring and blossoming flowers.

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