The Men's Suit


When it comes to buying business suits, most think of a quick trip to G2000 or perhaps Zara. Enter store, grab, try and the issue is happily resolved. But do guys really know which suit is right for their body?

Suits have always been a staple in men’s wardrobes. While remaining true to the classic design, a good suit for today’s context should have a modern silhouette. That is to say, it should fit well and look sharp. But please do not zoom in on the skinny pants. A more masculine look should include broad shoulder, a slim waist and slim trousers. Think military without the boxy feeling.

One revived trend in men’s suit is the double-breasted suit. In 1980s, the popular double-breasted suit was originally designed to hide undesirable fats. Now, with a better cut worked into the design (the all important modern silhouette), it can help accent the perfect masculine shape.


When shopping for a perfect suit, also do look out for a longer lapel (the flap on your jacket). Ideally, the jacket lapels should end on the waistline. This minute detail will portray height. A well-cut suit will also allow for a visually slimmer waist.

Finally, with men’s suits going back in time, their corresponding classic prints are also making a comeback. Embrace patterns such as the houndstooth, the herringbone and the fairly common pinstripe. These prints do not have to be put on an actually suit; they would look good on a shirt or a tie as well.


Another detail to consider is the buttons on the suit. It is usually good to stick to two buttons on your suit as it is a perfectly fashionable and lasting choice. The confident guy can attempt the three buttons as seen in Ralph Lauren, while the tall dude will convey stature with a simple one button.

Perhaps the suit sounds like too much of an investment for men. But do think about it: A good well-cut piece can bring you places – from work with a collared shirt to play with a tee on under your (less formal) suit jacket. After all, it is a classic staple that will never go out of fashion.

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