Freshen Up Fast

We all tend to have moments where we wake up and find out that we’ve got to be out the door in 15 minutes. However, that is no excuse to be leaving the house bare-faced with tiredness.

It is never polite to show up at work or appointments looking disheveled and tired. Here’s a quick look at what will take you at most 7 minutes to slap on before running out to face the day.

Before applying anything of a cosmetic nature, it is imperative to wash your face. You do not want to trap dirt under the make-up as that would cause breakouts. Here, cleansers will do the trick.

A good cleanser for most skin types would be the Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser from The Body Shop. Perfect to freshen yourself up, this cleanser is gentle on the skin and it gives that cool feeling without the use of irritating menthol. As for those who are blemish prone and have oily skin, Clean and Clear’s Daily Pore Cleanser would be a better choice. It takes off the excess oil and controls blemishes effectively.


A good clean face is a brilliant canvas for applying make-up. After scrubbing up, never forget the fountain of youth in our time: the moisturizer. Moisturizer keeps your face hydrated and if formulated correctly, it also gives you a boost of anti-oxidants.

A great moisturizer is Olay’s Total Effects UV Moisturizer. This is great for most skin types. Do not think that Olay is for old ladies. This moisturizer is full of anti-oxidants and protects your skin from free radicals. It even saves you an extra step of putting on sunscreen all at a drug store price.

Do not be fooled by Olay’s Complete SPF 30 Defense Daily UV Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin’s labelling. It’s good for blemish prone skin as well. It’s not too rich and has lots of vitamins in the ingredient list. If it doesn’t cause people with sensitive skin to break out, it will not make your breakouts worse. You can start from using this before venturing into Olay’s stronger products.


After moisturizing (Vogue Beauty advisors say that skin does not need to be toned unless after removing makeup and/or you use a cleansing oil), it’s time to apply foundation.

M.A.C’s Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 is a fantastic choice. It goes on smoothly and is very natural. A mineral foundation is recommended as it goes on quick and doesn’t show mistakes made in applying it. This suits most skin types.

However, if you have dry skin, a liquid foundation (M.A.C’s Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation) would be better as the powder form makes your dry skin more obvious. A single pump of liquid will suffice. Pump it on the back of our hands and use your fingers to apply it. The back of your hand will warm the product – making it easier to blend. Using your fingers is much faster than using a brush and it does not leave streak marks. However, for the liquid foundation to last longer, you have to set it with a powder. Just pat a tiny amount of any powder on your face to set it.

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Next, any serious blemishes will have to be covered with concealer. When using a powder foundation, apply concealer on spots before applying foundation. The power will set the concealer nicely. If using a liquid foundation, concealer should go on after the liquid foundation but before the setting powder.


This Shiseido Concealer is a great choice. It doesn’t clog pores and it hides imperfections well.

After applying your base, curl your eyelashes and apply a couple of swipes of mascara. This helps to open your eyes up and make you look more alert. The Majolica Majorca lash expander is awesome. It lengthens and thickens lashes -- 2 products in 1.


Following that, some blush will give some colour to your cheeks by giving them a rosy glow.

Body Shop blushes are really good. Their colours suit a wide range of skin tones and they go on silkily. If you are apprehensive about using blushes, bronzers are an alternative. Bronzers give a more sporty glow than blushes. They are also much less obvious to the eye. Bronzers from The Body Shop are a decent choice.

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Last of all, a dash of lip gloss is needed to finish the look. Any lip gloss satisfying your mood can be used. Lip glosses from Majorica Majora are great. They come in beautiful colours, smell great and go on smoothly. The honey in them keeps your lips plump and moist.


It seems a lot to do in writing, but in real life, it’s really quick. Now, you are ready to face the day!

About the Author: Aileen Bak, an undergrad doing a Law major and Japanese major, is an aspiring fashion designer and stylist. She wishes to eventually have her own very exclusive appointment only boutique. In the mean time, she focuses on enriching herself in all areas of cosmetology possible. She loves sharing her extensive knowledge pertaining to fashion and beauty with people who appreciate it. Her personal fashion and beauty column is under construction.

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