Ways to wear a classic white shirt


The “a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear” syndrome is faced by women all the time.  However, the answer to this can be found in a simple white shirt.

The classic white shirt is a staple in every wardrobe. Every working girl has one for work. However, the classic white shirt can be worn for other occasions as well. Through this article, I hope to provide some inspiration in regards to fashion innovation and help you make full use of a simple article of clothing.

1. Wear it under a dress

If you have a great dress that is too revealing on top to wear to work, why not wear a white shirt under it? It’ll give you enough coverage and enable you to wear that cute tube dress to more than parties.


This is but an example of an outfit that you could wear to work. Of course, you can wear any dress you’d like – it does not have to be a tube. The same applies for shoes too. For a more interesting look, you could try shoes in nude or any colour that works with your outfit.

2. Wear it tucked into pants

The simple, minimalistic look is something that suits many occasions. It screams sophistication and its elements can be further mixed and matched with other pieces of clothing.


Alternatively, you can choose to leave the shirt untucked. Or accessorise with a bright coloured belt. You could also wear it with pumps, sandals or even flats. You could also wear a neutral coloured tank top with the pants and wear the white shirt open and tied around your waist.

3. Wear it over a dress

Finding your maxi dress too revealing? The solution is simple. Just wear the white shirt over it. Leave the shirt unbuttoned and just tie it under your bust or around your waist. It covers up, but still gives off that carefree summer vibe.


If you have a long sleeved white shirt, you should consider rolling the sleeves up for a more laid-back look. Instead of sandals, you could also wear simple flip flops. For a more interesting look, you may consider piling your hair up into a messy bun on the top of your head and wearing glamorous over-sized sunglasses.

I hope that this article has helped to broaden your horizons on a simple white shirt and saves you time in any future wardrobe crisis.

About the Author: Aileen Bak, an undergraduate doing a double major in Law and Japanese, is also an aspiring fashion designer and stylist. She wishes to eventually have her own very exclusive by-appointment-only boutique. In the meantime, she focuses on enriching herself in all areas of cosmetology possible. She loves sharing her extensive knowledge pertaining to fashion and beauty with people.

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