Tired of wearing the same clothes everyone else is wearing? Or had a horrific experience of wearing the same dress from Zara or Mango as your colleague from the next cubicle? Homegrown brand ActuallyActually's two-storey boutique along Purvis Street opened this year in March to satisfy shoppers who want to be different.

ActuallyActually actually started out as a boutique multi-label store run by former music executive Paul Khor but has since evolved to a treasure trove for fashionistas. One hot favourite brand would be New York-based brand, Pleasure Principle which is known for minimalistic fashionwear with a creative twist. For example, some Pleasure Principle pieces could be worn in a variety of ways.

Besides Pleasure Principle, indie brand labels the shop carries include Blank, Christiohe Lemair (who designs for Lacoste), Complexgeometries, Damir Doma's Silent, Dr Demim Jeansmaker, Elvine, F Troupe, Federation, Fifth Avenue Shoe, Repair, Fleamadonna, Freitag, G Closet, General Idea, Gilles, Dewarin, Ground Zero, Happy Socks, and Wear and Tear among several others.

With that many labels, you can be sure to find one of your liking. Plus, a funky range of accessories to complete the look is available. Random lifestyle products may be occasionally discovered here too.

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