Makeup Brushes

There are really so many makeup brushes, be it brands, types and designs, it could be overwhelming for a beginner to decide which are the essentials and what is good to add to our collection. But using the right brushes will make all the difference on your face and save you on unnecessary wastage of your makeup, so check out our basic list here and make sure you use the correct ones.

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They say the eyes are windows to your soul. It is true and eyeliners can help frame them better. But there are just so many types and so many brands of eyeliners. Where do we begin and which should we choose?

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The Right Hair

Want to sport a new hairstyle for the new year but having a headache finding the right hairstyle? Here are some tips to help find the right one.

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Fashion that is ethically responsible while not limited in designs is hard to come by, but Zhai offers a wide range of bamboo clothing, accessories and other products for the eco-conscious.

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3 Don'ts Do to your Hair

If you are the owner of all required hair products and constantly visit hair salons but still have hair problems, you may be guilty of the below three hair don'ts.

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