Banish those Eye Bags


The nerve of eye bags! They make you look haggard and so much older than you really are – effectively damaging your cool, classy professional look. How can you get rid of them?

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L'oreal Elseve Smooth-intense Mask

Every once in a while my hair gets unbearably dry, frizzy and I feel like its going to catch fire anytime! If your hair feels like mine, it is time to give it some deep conditioning. The L'oreal Elseve Smooth-intense Mask, which promises to leave your hair silky and smooth to touch after use, is a deep conditioner to be used weekly.

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Freshen up with Bio-Essence

This month, FreshGrads writer Amanda Lee checks out homegrown skincare company Bio-essence's three new products – namely the Hydra Spa Energy (Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask), the Bio-Essence Tanaka series, and the Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream.

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Finally, grooming products and services for men! Homegrown men's skincare store WhatHeWants has recently opened its second store at Orchard Central.

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Tired of wearing the same clothes everyone else is wearing? Or had a horrific experience of wearing the same dress from Zara or Mango as your colleague from the next cubicle? Homegrown brand ActuallyActually's two-storey boutique along Purvis Street opened this year in March to satisfy shoppers who want to be different.

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