For Voluminous Tresses

For_Voluminous_TressesFlat and limp hair makes you look as if you just woke up, whether or not you really did, and may even make you lethargic and unprofessional. Give your hair some bounce and volume with our tips here.

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Pamper your nails the DIY way

Pamper_your_nails_the_DIY_wayWished you had a set of healthy and manicured nails all the time, but can’t seem to find the time or you do not wish to spend the money on regular visits to the nail salon? What about learning some simple steps to do your own nails at home then?

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10 daily habits that hurt your beauty

10_daily_habits_that_hurt_your_beautyWe, ladies, may cut ourselves some slack in one way or another when it comes to beauty. Have a healthier diet, slack off the exercise. Unbeknownst to some, the cutting of corners do not do any good to our beauty at all. Here are some daily habits that harm our beauty the most, and certainly should be avoided!

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Wardrobe Essentials for the Working Girl

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Your work attire is not a uniform – unless, of course, your job actually provides a uniform. But as a fresh graduate with a tight budget, how do you dress frugally without looking shabby or the same all the time? The answer lies in getting the wardrobe essentials!

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Hiding that Acne

Whether you are dealing with acne now or you have scars that are left behind, there are tips and techniques on how to best cover up the blemishes on your skin so that you can have a flawless-looking face.

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