Homemade Beauty Treats

You don't need expensive trips to the spas – or the staggering salon bills that comes along with it – to achieve glowing skin and luxurious hair. Taking care of your hair and skin at home using natural ingredients could be both easy and cost effective. So, take a peek into your kitchen cabinet, and I'll bet we can whip up a nourishing mask with the same ingredients you use to make breakfast.

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The Way to Whiter Teeth

A set of great pearly whites projects confidence and can benefit you in your job, especially if it is sales related. But not all of us are fortunate to be born with naturally white teeth nor do we know how to keep them as white as can be.

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Get the Perfect Blow Dry

Always wondered why you look best right after leaving the salon? It is most likely the blow dry that puts your hairstyle in the best light! Learn how to do it the right way and look good the whole day with our instructions here.

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Korres, a clinically-tested, organic and homeopathic range of products enriched with active plant extracts, was founded and officially launched by pharmacist George Korres from Athens, Greece, in 1996. Just 15 years later, it has reached the shores of my little island and could be found in malls such as Ion Orchard and Parco Millenia.

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Banish those Eye Bags


The nerve of eye bags! They make you look haggard and so much older than you really are – effectively damaging your cool, classy professional look. How can you get rid of them?

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