L'oreal Elseve Smooth-intense Mask

Every once in a while my hair gets unbearably dry, frizzy and I feel like its going to catch fire anytime! If your hair feels like mine, it is time to give it some deep conditioning. The L'oreal Elseve Smooth-intense Mask, which promises to leave your hair silky and smooth to touch after use, is a deep conditioner to be used weekly.

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Freshen up with Bio-Essence

This month, FreshGrads writer Amanda Lee checks out homegrown skincare company Bio-essence's three new products – namely the Hydra Spa Energy (Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask), the Bio-Essence Tanaka series, and the Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream.

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Finally, grooming products and services for men! Homegrown men's skincare store WhatHeWants has recently opened its second store at Orchard Central.

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Tired of wearing the same clothes everyone else is wearing? Or had a horrific experience of wearing the same dress from Zara or Mango as your colleague from the next cubicle? Homegrown brand ActuallyActually's two-storey boutique along Purvis Street opened this year in March to satisfy shoppers who want to be different.

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The Ins and Outs of Makeup Brushes

To create a painting, what everyone needs is a little creativity and the right tools. This logic applies to makeup as well. After all, what is makeup but paint to enhance your face? Using the right brushes to apply your makeup is essential for having a flawless finish.

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