Dress for work success with homegrown brand bYSI's functional office fashion. From basic smart white shirts to pretty A-line dresses to budget-friendly accessories to spruce them up, bYSI will make sure you look pretty and confident at work.

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Basic Steps for a Better Complexion

Complexion is one aspect not to be taken lightly – a bad complexion immediately project tardiness and lack of care even if it is genetic. This could be detrimental to your career, especially for those in sales or the service line. Fortunately, there are ways you could make sure it is as free as could be from blemishes. Here's four basic skincare steps to take note of:

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Paul & Joe

Like French brand Paul & Joe's founder and designer Sophie Albou, its products are tailored for savvy, stylish and confident women who just want to have fun and, at the same time, aptly reflects the Parisian philosophy of enjoying life.

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Ways to wear a classic white shirt


The “a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear” syndrome is faced by women all the time.  However, the answer to this can be found in a simple white shirt.

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Whether you have an extra bushy pair of thick brows, a distinct monobrow or you simply wish to have a more defined look, Browhaus is the place to go to.

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