10 Basic Beauty Tips

Beauty is something that is very closely linked to inner health. A stressful lifestyle with a bad diet consisting of mostly junk food will make you look haggard as well as feel unmotivated; a healthy inside is the key to radiating outer beauty. Here are some tips on how to receive proper nutrition that will in the long run benefit you with a healthy body and mind.

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Face it. When we graduate and arrive in the working world, we inadvertently realize that our trendy school uniform of comfy shorts, jeans and tees are not quite going to cut it. It is hard enough to be taken seriously given our “freshly graduated” status; going to work in sandals and sundresses is a sure way to corporate dungeons.

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Freshen Up Fast

We all tend to have moments where we wake up and find out that we’ve got to be out the door in 15 minutes. However, that is no excuse to be leaving the house bare-faced with tiredness.

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Fashion Showdown


As a graduate, we are concerned not only with getting Career Advice and News Updates; we want our fun and entertainment! FreshGrads expands the Lifestyle section to house our very own Fashion and Beauty column.

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The Men's Suit


When it comes to buying business suits, most think of a quick trip to G2000 or perhaps Zara. Enter store, grab, try and the issue is happily resolved. But do guys really know which suit is right for their body?

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