Blic Ice Cream Cafe

Every neighbourhood can sure do with its own ice cream parlour, and Tampines is no exception. Ben and Larry's Ice Cream, or more popularly known as Blic, is a chirpy orange parlour found along Tampines avenue 4.

The Food:

There are just so many flavours to choose from! You name it, they (almost) certainly have it: Double Choc, Ferrero, Dino Milo, Lychee, Coffee, Rum & Raisin, Banana Peanut Crunch, Green Tea, Black Sesame, Seasalt Malt, Mentos Chocolate Ball, Baileys, Mango, Strawberry Chunk and the list goes on.

After much fuss, we settled on the Chunky Peanutella. The lethal "heaty" combination of peanut and nutella was so thick that it tasted like the real peanut butter stirred with nutella and accompanied by bits of peanut. We wondered how it would have tasted with some bread but was too distracted by the premium scoop of Mao Shan Wang ice cream.


The older folks would've given us a chiding: "What? Peanut, nutella then Durian? You want to fall sick is it?" But, but… the creamy rendition of Durian King here is my favourite – it is a must to get a scoop of this everytime I come here! Ultra rich and creamy, Blic's Mao Shan Wang is comparable to Udders, if not better.

Last but not the least, we found out that SCaM – soursop, calamansi and martini – is no scam. A very unique combination that seems popular with the fruit lovers and the girls, the concoction is sour, sweet, and dry all at once.

Like we said, there are just too many flavours to choose from. So ask for a sampling at the counter before you commit to the few precious scoops you can wolf down or pay for! The rather steep prices are divided into two: $5.20 per scoop for premium choices and $3.20 for the classics. Double scoops goes for $4.80 (classic), $7.80 (premium) and $6.30 (mix). They offer sidekicks such as waffles, brownies and milkshakes as well.

The Mood:

Expect plain but cheerful orange walls with very simple furniture. Powerpoints are also available, which adds another reason to why Blic is so popular among the students, especially those from nearby Temasek Poly. What's more, there's free flow of water and and napkins at the self-help station.

If you are driving, make sure that you park legally. The popularity of the coffeeshop nearby and of course Blic often causes congestions and frequent appearance of our favourite "Fatimah's".

802 Tampines Ave 4
#01-23 Singapore 520802

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Telephone (65) 786 0860

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