With Swensen's 1-for-1 Lunch Treats for all food items from its ala carte menu, we have more reason to step into the restaurant for the occasional slightly more expensive lunch.


The offer is available on weekdays from 11am to 2pm, excluding Public Holidays. Diners get to choose from a pretty extensive menu including an Asian section.

We begun with the signature Rodeo Wings, which was satisfyingly tossed in BBQ sauce and sprinkled with black pepper. For the free side, we went for the Deep Fried Mushrooms, essentially deep fried Shiitake served with tartar sauce. Sinful but delicious.


For the mains, my companion went for the Crayfish pasta, which was the most value for money being the most expensive item on the menu. The serving was extremely generous with large chunks of fish and a medium-sized crayfish doused in sweet tomato sauce. A bit more pepper would complete the package.

I went for my old favourite, the Salmon Baked Rice, and was sorely disappointed. The fish baked rice used to be good and a bit too salty but for the past three times we were there, the baked rice has been a consistent disappointment. Sure there were plenty of cheese but the fish and rice were strangely bland.


By the time we were done with our appetizers and mains, we were pretty full. Nonetheless, being the gluttons we were, we pressed on with desserts.

The Banana Crumble, served on a sizzling hot pan, is a must-try though desserts and drinks are not included in the 1-for-1 offer. If it was, I would have gone for the Sticky Chewy Chocolate sundae as well – another popular dessert item at Swensen's.


Queues start forming by 11.30am and diners should be prepared to wait 15 to 30 minutes for your food thanks to the crowds. Iced water is served but service is not the best here though still reasonable.

Most Swensen's outlets – many spread throughout the island – are spacious and hence good for big crowds. And if you work near a shopping mall, chances are there will be a Swensen's conveniently nearby. So the next time you crack your heads for a suitable, value-for-money place for a farewell lunch or a department bonding meal, you could consider Swensen's.

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