Sour Sally

Say hello to US premium non-fat frozen yogurt, Sour Sally, which boasts to be 100 per cent fat free.


The latest kid on the block offers four basic flavours for its fro-yo, shaved ice and smoothies: original or plain, pinkilicious strawberry, melon mint and green tea. The smallest cup of its tart yogurt with subtle flavourings range from SGD3.50 to SGD4. Compared to Yami, it is more tart but less creamy, and with Frolick, it is more firm but less natural in its flavours.


Pre-mixed selections are available but, like at other fro-yo offerings on our sunny island, you can also mix and match toppings like mango, kiwi, almonds, chocolate balls and many more. The little cubes of mochi and nata de coco with the exotic melon mint intertwined with plain yogurt are our personal favourites and go well with the fruity yogurts.



A worthy opponent for bright and funky Frolick, Sour Sally eludes a whimiscally charming and cheery mood. Its interactive website, created by Kinetic Singapore, is just as fun too. Its outlet at Wisma Atria is decked in black and lime green and hard to miss, so give it a try!

Wisma Atria
435 Orchard road
# B1-47
Singapore 238877

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Telephone (65) 6737 0270

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