Kungfu Paradise

The latest addition to the Paradise Group of eateries, Kungfu Paradise is a halal restaurant that boasts tasty East-meets-West cuisine that is easy on the wallet.


Presumably targeting those on a budget, meals at Kungfu Paradise are priced much more affordably than its sister restaurants – Taste Paradise, Paradise Dynasty or Paradise Inn – but filling nonetheless.

Dishes fall under the theme of fusion food and somewhat similar to other Hong Kong joints on our little island: pasta, thick toast, dim sum, salad, baked rice and shaved ice can be found in the Chinese joint. Drinks are equally varied with flavoured sodas, cappuccino and kopi-o co-existing on the menu.


My companion went for the light and sad-looking option of ham and egg noodles for he was feeling unwell but was gravely (perhaps ironically) disappointed by the bland-less of the dish. The ham and egg were basically drowned tasteless in the soup.


On the other hand, we would recommend instead the baked rice with the tomato-based sauce I had for being filling and rich as opposed to the soup-based noodles. The tomato was surprisingly fresh and, unlike many other Western joints, there wasn't a sickeningly sweet and fake taste to it.

The cappuccino at $2.80 was unsurprisingly unimpressive, and the iced lemon tea nothing to hype about. Strangely though, plain water that is free at other restaurants is charged at 30 cents a cup here at this restaurant that aims to be affordable?



We overlooked the order slip on our table and waved a service staff over. She took our orders and patiently explained the choices for lunch set with no mention or hints of frustration. It was only after she left that we realised we were supposed to fill in our orders ourselves. And even with the dinner crowd, food was served quickly upon ordering. For this, bonus points for the service staff!

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