Grand Salads

The health conscious in the CBD area of Cityhall now have a new healthy and convenient choice of lunch with Grand Salads at Suntec City, Temasek Tower and Solaris.

You could mix and match your own salad from a wide variety of greens, dressings and sides such as grilled chicken fillet, smoked turkey and goat feta cheese to choose from. All ingredients are boasted to be 100 per cent natural with no colouring and preservatives added.

Alternatively, you could go for their signature salads, sandwiches and wraps such as Greek (green leafmix, cucumber, feta cheese, black olives, onion, tomatoes with olive oil and lemon), Mexican (green leafmix, bean sprout, beans, mozzarella cheese, tomato, corn, cucumber and cabbage with balsamic vinegar) and Mediterranean (hummus, egg, eggplant, cucumber, onion, green leafmix with olive oil and lemon).

The salads, sandwiches and wraps go at reasonable prices from $8.50 each, with an additional $2 for a drink. And while the ambience of Grand Salad is somewhat drab and nothing to talk much about, the sizes at Grand Salad are known to be much bigger than salad booths nearby such as Reload and Salad Stop. Great for males who are generally bigger eaters!

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