HatchedFor all things eggs, whether infused, beaten, whisked, hardboiled and more, egg lovers will not be disappointed by the all-day breakfast dishes at Hatched.


We quickly made our choices and ordered our dishes as we were starving. First that came was the Shepherd's Pie. Though it had minimal eggs in it, it was one of our favorite dish of the trip. The minced meat was well-marinated and the juice complemented the mashed potatoes well. Our only gripe was that… it could be bigger!

Next up, our egg omelette with cheese was a real disappointment in both looks and taste. The omelette was bland and boring though it was evenly cooked. Same went for the beef with onions filling. It wasn't bad, it was plain unmemorable.

We had the buffalo wings to fill up our still grumbling tummies after. It was good wings but hardly buffalo like, not that we are complaining because they were still yummy! The dish came accompanied with mashed potatoes. Not the extremely smooth type but with some chunky bits and aromatic herbs that we enjoyed. 

However, we will say it is not advisable to order all things eggs in view of an overkill.


There was a pretty long queue on a weekend brunch and we had to wait for about half an hour so we would strongly recommend reservations. Service is friendly though food may be more prompt. The chalkboard decor of the place gave it a laid-back feel. We would suggest coming back for big group gatherings.

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