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7th_Storey0For the many who have heard of 7th Storey restaurant, they would have heard of its famous chicken rice and steamboat. Now, the Hainanese restaurant has relocated from the 7th Storey Hotel at Rochor Road to a more upscale location at the Marina Barrage and with an awesome view of the reservoir.


With over 30 years of experience, Chef Chan, previously from HK Marco Polo and Ah Yi Abalone, currently helms the 7th Storey restaurant. Hence, it is with no surprise that the old name has not just a couple of well-loved signatures that keeps regulars coming back for more despite the prices.

On top of their value-for-money tender and juicy white chicken rice, the expanded menu also includes steamboat fired by charcoal – a nice traditional touch that purists will rave about. The wide variety of live seafood at the Marina Barrage branch ensures great fillings for your steamboat gathering.

But besides their signature charcoal steamboat and chicken rice, 7th Storey's chilli crab is a good bet as well. The crab was sinfully doused in chilli crab sauce and their mini fluffy mantous came in handy for savouring every last bit of it.


Having dined there at peak hour on a Saturday evening, the servers were understandably busy but polite; they took some time with our requests for chilli sauces and the like but eventually they arrived. In all, I would recommend this place for big group gatherings and the chicken rice is an affordable option considering it includes an alfresco view of Singapore's skyline too.

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