Pow Sing Restaurant

Pow-Sing-Restaurant0Chicken rice, a complete meal by itself, is one of the best choices to have for its affordability and how satisfying it may be. For this, one restaurant would pop in mind. Pow Sing Restaurant in the Serangoon Gardens estate literally means bringing good news.


Despite having to queue for 45 minutes before we were allowed entry into this longtime restaurant, we thought it was worth the wait. Pow Sing is known for its Hainanese Chicken Rice – a fragrant plate of steamed chicken rice with meat moist and tender. Mix in a little sweet black sauce and chilli, and it's a great complete meal for just SGD3.50 or SGD4.

As this restaurant does zichar as well, we ordered a couple of side dishes recommended by the waitress to share. The medium-sized portion of the sweet and sour fish dish is big for SGD15. Crispy on the outside and springy on the inside, the dish disappeared quickly. We also had the sambal kangkong, a common zichar dish to order. Wet and spicy enough, we were satisfied with this dish too.


A typical Chinese restaurant filled with big round tables, service is sporadic at best, with the Chinese staff dashing about tables. Expect people shouting orders across the restaurant and boisterous laughter here and there. This is definitely not the place for a romantic two person dinner but a place for big gatherings especially for the family.

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