Choupinette1Along Bukit Timah road, right by the side of Coronation Plaza, lies a little gem of a breakfast place and its name is Choupinette.


Brunch is what draws the crowd in for Choupinette but none of us felt like having eggs today so we went for the ham and cheese toast as well as the beef stew that came accompanied by the house salad to share.

First came the toast with a small side salad. We judged it by its cover and so was pleasantly surprised by how well the slightly charred toast was combined with cheese and ham. We quizzed the waiter on the type of cheese and ham they used but he was unable to give us a reply as the chef has gone for his break. We also subtly suggested the use of croissants instead of toast the next time, and he informed us we could request for so before the meal.

Now, the beef stew. We placed high hopes for this dish and it came looking good. Sadly, the beef chunks were a bit too tough for our liking. The stew was also less flavourful than preferred. The saving grace? The finely mashed potatoes, disintegrated with the sauce, that we dipped together with the basket of bread that came with the beef stew.

We were tremendously disappointed by the juices served. They weren't freshly squeezed; our glasses of orange juice and apple juice probably came from a carton from NTUC next door at Coronation Plaza.

Later, we went for the chocolate mousse to round the meal off. Unlike those from other restaurants, the mousse here is positively made from dark chocolate and would please lovers of the type. It was also so thick that it is just nice for three to share.

Though a tad pricey for what is offered, the food here is nonetheless comforting, unpretentious, and worth returning for a lazy afternoon off.


With a term of endearment for their namesake, we had expected service that would be friendly and endearing. On top of that, small and cosy as the restaurant is, we anticipated greater attention. However, there were only two service staff. One had his back facing the restaurant as he was busy washing the dishes. The other was less forgivable – he was facing the shop but did not notice us waving for a full five minutes. Also, when we arrived, we seated ourselves. He saw us coming in but allowed us to help ourselves with the menu. The other diners seem to have the same service. Perhaps this is intentional for couples who wish for some privacy dining?

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