Hot Star

Hot-StarHot Star Fried Chicken, or more affectionately known as Hao Da Da Ji Pai, is one of the most popular street side food of Taiwan. Its first branch outside its homeland and Hong Kong has arrived in Singapore at City Square Mall in Little India.


Go with an empty stomach and expect a huge piece of flattened fried chicken bigger than the size of your palm. There are two different flavours to choose from: Original and Lemon. You will have to indicate if you prefer it spicy or not too.

Like its main stalls in Taiwan, the staff will refuse to cut the huge goodness into pieces for a good reason. Cutting it would cause it to become soggy much faster. The fillet is deep fried only upon order – hence the queue – and has a crispy, peppery outside with a tender and moist inside.

There are sides and drinks you could add on to complete your meal too. For a couple more dollars, you could have plum fries and a drink as well. The fries were extra crispy, sweet and addictive. We finished both portions we had quickly. For the drinks, however, give the overly sweet and syrupy lemonade a miss. Go for the red tea and save on the need to buy bubble tea elsewhere.


Like in Taiwan and Hong Kong, it is a take-out stall with no seats. However, there are free seats scattered randomly across the two basements of the mall. Alternatively, you could also head out to the mall entrance above the MRT station to savour your meal while enjoying some green scenery at this eco-mall. 

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