Grandmas0How can we miss reviewing Grandma's, a restaurant that sounds so inviting, especially when there's always a crowd regardless of whether it is mealtime or not?


After waiting in the queue for a full hour and being two hours past our usual dinnertime at 7pm, we were so famished we asked for items we thought would come the quickest: Hainanese chicken rice, Grandma's fried rice and fu yong egg.

Sure enough, the food came pretty fast. The fu yong egg came first and set our expectations low. It was too oily while being a tad bland too, as did the fried rice that came shortly after. However, somehow, the two ala carte dishes put together made a passable meal for the hungry us.

On the other hand, we liked the Hainanese chicken rice as the chicken is moist, juicy and tender, the soup is fragrant and flavourful and the accompanying sauces complemented the mains well. I was glad to find another place that makes good chicken rice, a dish I found an easy and affordable choice for any meal.


There are several Grandma's outlets including at Paragon, Nex and Changi City Point. Regardless, decor at Grandma's is nothing memorable but nothing to complain about either. Right after ordering, the server will leave a big bottle of iced water as well as glasses at your table. You can help yourself to the iced water – just to our liking rather than trying to get attention for refills or wait till our throats are parched. Anyway, service is brisk but quick.

In all, we will be back at Grandma's if we were at a mall and craving for good, consistent zichar style meals.

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