Wake Up to a Good Breakfast

Wake_Up_to_BreakfastIf what you have for breakfast on a daily basis is Coco Crunch, Frosties and Honey Stars, then you haven't been reaping the benefits of breakfast such as a better mood, enhanced performance and weight control. The quality of your meal matters too.

After several hours of sleep, our bodies are starved and our blood-sugar levels will be extremely low. At this point of time, it is likely we would have gone for unhealthy options that we shouldn't have. Some of the foodtypes we should avoid include:

1. Sugary

Examples: Glazed doughnuts, multicolored cereals and muffins

2. Fatty

Examples: Fried food, bacon and hash browns

3. High-carb

Examples: Pancakes and waffles

On the other hand, here's some readily available or easy-to-prep ingredients we could use are:

1. Fresh fruits

Try to go for uncut ones such as apples and pears with their skins on. Not only do you save the hassle and time of paring them, you will enjoy the extra vitamins too. Just be sure to wash them well before eating. Alternatively, cut ones you could get at stores on your way to work will do as well.

2. Low-fat yoghurt

All sorts of yoghurt may be found at any supermarket but choose those that are low-fat or soy. Try to avoid flavoured ones with fruits or honey for they are often doused in syrup first. Instead, you could throw in some blueberries or raspberries, great anti-oxidants.

3. Egg

Eggs may be done in so many various ways: scrambled, sunny side up, half-boiled, hard-boiled and even eaten raw. While it is recommended an adult not have more than four eggs each week, they are easy and satisfying fixes for breakfast.

4. Toast

The traditional Singaporean breakfast of kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs may be tempting and satisfying but it is definitely high in carbs as well as fats. Reasonably for the white bread's first buttered up before smeared in kaya. Buy whole-grain or bran bread, cut down on the butter, and top it with low-fat cheese, ham and/or sliced tomatoes instead.

5. Big Breakfast

Craving variety? Take all these readily available ingredients, slice them, cut them and assemble them into a big delicious breakfast, full of your favourite things! Mix and match the various ingredients and it's easy to come up with different breakfast dishes each day.

6. Drink up!

Lastly, fresh fruit juice, milk, or even better would be fresh fruits or yoghurt blended smoothies, preferably with soy milk for an extra boost of vitamins – definitely a yummy breakfast in a cup, and easy to bring as well as consume on the go.

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