Tomo Izakaya

Tomo-IzakayaFoodies would know that dining at Tomo Izakaya is satisfying on the stomach but a tad painful on the pocket. But with Clarke Quay's SGD15 Special Lunch Deal, one can now enjoy a fulfilling lunch while considering his wallet.


Upon arriving, there are two sets to choose from. Set A includes of deep fried avocado spring roll with cheese as well as deep fried salmon with vinegar-mayo sauce. Set B includes of boiled field mustard dressed in sesame and light soya sauce and deep fried taro croquette rolled in bacon. Both sets comes with the side dishes of broccoli with soybeans, hijiki seaweed and Japanese brown rice with yoghurt dressing as well as a bowl of rice, pickles and miso soup.

Of course, the greedy us dug into the sashimi right away and we were happy that the established restaurant did not serve us bad quality just because it was a discounted set.

Next, the main courses were both unique in their own ways. It was the first time both of us had vinegar-mayo and it went well with the deep fried salmon. In fact, we liked it so much we dipped the deep fried taro croquette in too – on top of the luxurious savory bacon. While our tastes weren't accustomed to field mustard, we liked the avocado spring roll and thought the cheese was a surprisingly good match.

This may sound like a lot but the portions were dispensed in well moderation yet filling enough especially with the rice and miso soup. We tried both sets and left no space for desserts.


Set in lowly dimmed lights, the place is suitable for one to bring a date. With several communal seating options as well, this place is good as a group office lunch event or to bring along some clients without busting that miserly entertainment budget.

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