Skinny Pizza

Skinny Pizza is the solution for people who leave the thick ends of a pizza at the end of the meal, whether in fear of carbs or simply because the dough is too much for them.


Despite the heavy toppings, the pizza priced between SGD22 to SGD25 were still hard on our pockets. We ordered two of the signature pizzas despite advice to go for the pastas as well. One the Wild Truffled Mushroom (SGD24) and the other the Squid Ink (SGD25).

The pizzas arrived together, both generous servings of toppings over biscuit-like crust. The Squid Ink was filled with savoury seafood squid balanced with hints of sweetness from the prawns and tomatoes. No worries about staining your teeth for the black ink is already baked into the dough for flavour. There is a paella version of this pizza if you wanted something more filling.

The Wild Truffled Mushroom was delicious though we wished the onions were sweeter. Two slices were just right for each person, or you will end up disliking this pizza.

Other popular flavours, as introduced by the waitress, included the English Breakfast pizza, Swiss Smoked Turkey Pizza and the Black Squid Ink pizza. We might also return for the Spaghetti Aglio Olio, which was recommended by a friend though we did not have enough space for it after the pizzas.


A very casual setting with mostly white and wood hues that have diners settle in easily. We would have preferred less heavy chairs and slightly brighter lighting but understand that these adds to the aesthetic outlook of the pizza place.

On service, both our pizzas were served about half an hour after ordering and the waitress was attentive and lovely. We couldn't finish most of our pizzas and it was packed up fast without much fuss.

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