Twelve Cupcakes

Twelve Cupcakes, the labour of love by celebrity couple Daniel Ong and Jaime Teo, has been in the news recently. But rather than debate on whether the involved are in the right or wrong, we decided to check out the sweet stuff instead.

There are several Twelve Cupcakes outlets – with no seating area – including Millenia Walk and United Square. Upon entering an outlet you will be spoilt for choice for there are numerous flavors including Chocolate Chocolate, PB Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate, Strawberry Chocolate, Cookies N Cream, PB Jelly, Strawberry Vanilla, Rainbow Vanilla, Chocolate Vanilla, Expresso, Mocha and Red Velvet. This does not include their monthly specials too.

We especially liked the Red Velvet for it is sweet and moist body topped with a lusciously light cream cheese. The Strawberry Chocolate, with strawberry puree encased within the chocolate base, is delightful too. The pretty cupcakes are small for its price tag of SGD3 to SGD3.50 but nonetheless worth a try as a treat to yourself! Or share the sweets with your colleagues, friends or family. A box of half dozen cupcakes is more worth it, costing $SGD17 a box.

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