Kki Cafe

For one of the prettiest cakes in town, you have to head down to Kki Cafe at Ann Siang Hill.


The cakes here are pretty expensive with prices starting from $6 but every piece looks so well done that we justified the price for the incredible effort in details. But our budget is limited so we chose The Little Red Riding Hood ($8.50) and the Mont Blanc ($8.50).

The first cake is made up of 70% dark chocolate mousse with a bittersweet raspberry middle. The chocolate is intense but the fruity inside prevents it from being too much. We felt that the amount of chocolate and quality fresh fruit in this cake justified the price.

The Mont Blanc is naturally sweet with freshly pureed chestnut on top of a yummy sponge and a sold tart at the bottom. Piped out thread by thread till it almost resembles a brown Christmas tree, is also so pretty to look at!


Right beside Kki Cafe is The Little Drom Store which sells lots of random knick knacks you could shop around while waiting for your cake and tea. There are only about four tables in the quaint shop, making it one of the best places to read your book without much chatter around you.

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