Yet another food establishment sets up shop at Serangoon Garden. Named Gossip, it is set up to be a place for diners to chat over favourite Hong Kong dishes.


The menu does not differ much from other Hong Kong cha chan tengs and prices are in the affordable range. The seafood baked rice, at under SGD7, was filling and yummy immersed in cheese. We also ordered Hong Kong style instant noodles topped with an egg and luncheon meat. It was nothing special but it wasn't expensive anyway.

One plus point about Gossip is that they serve gelato. The rum and raisin-flavoured scoop is a great dessert after our main dishes. There are also fruit-flavoured Taiwan beers here that would please the ladies.


The decor is nothing much to scream about. Set in a semi al fresco atmosphere, with the usual white square tables mixed with plastic chairs in various bright colours, Gossip is a place for big group gatherings or a satisfying no-frills meal late at night.

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