Chef Tony's Popcorn

Chef_Tonys_Popcorn Who would have known a popcorn brand from Philippines would taste so good? Chef Tony's Popcorn was a pleasant surprise found at Marina Square.

Special corn kernels hand grown and imported from USA, which are said to be able to pop many times its original size to a perfect sphere shape, are used to create these light, fluffy yet crispy popcorn. Chef Tony's Popcorn also uses 100 per cent pure oil, avoiding chemicals or modified fats.

The flavours aren't as rich as Garrett Popcorn's and we easily emptied the tub. But if you are watching your weight or want to save the yummy snack, the tubs are well sealed and may keep in the fridge for up to two whole months.

The yummy flavors include original caramel, white chocolate walnut, creamy parmesan, white country cheddar, mochachino with almonds and white chocolate parmesan. Prices are as premium as Garrett Popcorn at SGD8 for a small tub and SGD13 for the big one.

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