Easily one of the most popular supper places in Singapore, Spize offers a mind-boggling variety of food both Western and local too.


Spize is well known for their roti john and of course we had to order that. The dish came along quickly. It was warm, filled with mutton and topped with cheese and mayonnaise. Tasted a bit like burgers with no frills but we didn't really like it.

We also ordered tom yam soup and the garlic mushroom rib steak. The tom yam soup came in a claypot packed to the brim with seafood, and we were happy with the spice level as well as the freshness of the ingredients.

Next came the garlic mushroom rib steak. This is our favourite dish. The mashed potato was perfect with great gravy. We ordered medium rare and it came as ordered. There were also vegetables to counter the guilt from eating so much. 

Prices of even the local fare are rather expensive: about SGD4 to SGD10 for nasi goreng and the like. Western food are even more expensive from SGD10 and above. However, we find the portions big and the standard consistent enough for the prices.


There's two outlets of Spize, one at River Valley road and the other at Simpang Bedok. Some say the food in its original branch in the east is better. Both outlets are basically like a kopitiams with television sets and a huge amount of noise from the cooks, servers and the diners too. There's no aircon but the areas are generally airy. Otherwise, there are some thoughtfully placed fans around.

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