5 Gross Ingredients You Have Consumed

fly soup
What is the most disgusting thing that you have consumed? You accidentally swallowed a fly that flew into your soup and died? Ha! Continue kidding yourself!

You just do not know it, but you have had food with animal and insect parts and juices as part of the ingredients.

1. Chewing Gum/Bubble Gum


I love bubble gum! It gives you something to do when you are seated on your ass for hours on end listening to the teacher drone on about the Pythagorean Theorem or Ionic and Covalent Bonds. I would liken bubble gum to bubble wrap, but instead of popping small little bubbles with your fingers, you get to pop one giant bubble with your mouth over and over again. Guess what though? Lanolin is used to soften both chewing and bubble gum. Lanolin is an oily secretion found in sheep’s wool. So next time when you are chewing gum, remember to savour the juicy sheep secretions.

2. Sugar

calcium triphosphate

What everybody in the modern world would require in their food and drinks. Sugar is filtered and discoloured by Calcium Triphosphate, which is bone char. So literally every granule of sweet, sweet sugar you eat have touched the remains of charred animal bones. Mmm.. bone tea.

3. Bread


Bread is so diverse. You can have sandwiches, french toast, chicken buns, bagels, croutons and other kinds of bread related food. Yum! On top of that, you are practically eating hair and feathers. That’s right kiddies! L-Cyesteine, an amino acid made from human hair and duck feathers is included in mass-produced bread products. Hopefully this will stop my boyfriend from complaining about leaving strands of my hair everywhere. At least mine is not in the bread that he eats.

4. Vanilla Ice Cream


Remember that time your girlfriend coldly dumped you for being the fat loser that you are, and you sat in front of the TV for a few days watching old re-runs and eating vanilla ice cream by the tubs? Yeah... you were basically drowning your sorrows in anal gland secretions and urine, aptly named Castoreum, from a beaver. It is commonly found in vanilla ice cream and raspberry flavoured products.

5. Strawberry Smoothies


Besides yummy strawberry and cherry smoothies, Carmine is also typically used in juices, ice cream, yogurt, candy, eyeshadow, lipstick and rouge to give it that pretty pink or red colour. That gorgeous shade of red is achieved by boiling dried red beetles in water and extracting the carminic acid. How absolutely fancy.

You know what they say. Ignorance is bliss. Too bad for you, you are no longer able to stay in your happy, little world of eating oblivion.

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