The Idiot’s Guide To Eating A Banana

The Idiot’s Guide To Eating A Banana
The do’s and don’ts of eating bananas.
Unspoken Rules of Banana Eating:
1. Do peel off the skin first.
2. Don’t suck at or lick the banana for 30 minutes without even once taking a bite.
3. Do take small bites.
4. Don’t try to ram the whole banana down your throat.
5. Do watch TV while eating a banana.
6. Don’t make eye contact while eating a banana.
7. Do make muffins with bananas and peanut butter. They taste yummy.
8. Don’t share your banana with anyone else.
9. Do properly discard your banana peel in a rubbish bin.
10. Don’t leave it lying on the floor or other surfaces where people walk on.
The Idiot’s Guide To Eating A Banana
Congratulations! If you have come to the end of the banana eating list, you are now a full fledged banana expert! Please do go on to practice the correct methods of banana eating and share this with your friends so that they too can become specialists in the ways of eating bananas.
Click on the picture below for a bigger size of your esteemed Bachelor of Bananas certificate.
Bachelor of Bananas

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