Beer Brain vs. Coffee Brain

Beer and Coffee
For the longest time, companies have provided their employees with coffee-making machines and caffeine supplies to boost energy at work, but should they start offering beer as well? More and more companies, typically the newer ones, have taken to stocking up on beer for their workers. While consuming coffee awakens the mind, drinking beer can help maintain a happy office environment, foster creativity in an individual and improve social connections.
Factually speaking, beer can shorten memory span and decrease focus though it helps in loosening inhibitions and developing creativity. However, coffee can counter the negative effects of beer as it provides energy and improve focus. Basically, beer and coffee induces creativity and productivity respectively.
With both options readily available in offices, employees who are trying to come up with a good idea for the project they are working on can enjoy a nice ice-cold beer with other colleagues while they brainstorm, and once they have an idea they can work with, they can pour themselves a fragrant cup of coffee and get cracking.
Check out the cute infographic Ryoko Iwata came up with to explain in simple, easy-to-understand words the effects of beer and coffee on the brain.
Beer and Coffee
Beer + Coffee = AWESOMENESS! We say continue with the coffee and bring in the beer! L'chaim!

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