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sarpino's pizzeria
There is one particular food item that no one can ever hate, and that is the all revered pizza. One pizza restaurant that you can never go wrong with is Sarpino's Pizzeria, which only creates pizzas from the finest ingredients, never scrimping on quality, and always succeeding in delighting.
We turn to Google whenever we need questions answered, to bed whenever we need our rest, to our mothers whenever we need comfort, and to our fathers whenever we need advice on life. If you yearn for the best and would accept no less, turn to if you want piping hot food delivered right to your doorstep where you can choose from a range of hundreds of restaurants, one being Sarpino's which offers incredibly delicious pizzas.
Even though Sarpino's is the third largest pizza restaurant group in Singapore, they do not care about being the biggest, but instead, they aim for being the best. Sarpino's differ from other pizza restaurants in the aspect that they pay extreme attention to the ingredients used and preparations in cooking their food so that customers can enjoy greater freshness and quality from their authentic European pizzas.
It was a clear decision to be made while the Freshgrads editorial team was working late in the evening one day with stomachs furiously growling. Ordering online through, the most convenient online food delivery portal, we placed an order with them for 3 pizzas and a box of chicken wings from Sarpino's. The order was very quickly processed and the office's doorbell rang within 40 minutes. Everyone rushed to the door to grab the food. The pizzas looked absolutely divine when the boxes were opened, it was as they came straight out fresh from the oven. Here's what we wolfed down within minutes:
1. House Special Pizza
Sarpino's House Special Pizza
What's in this pizza masterpiece: house special sauce, turkey ham, beef pepperoni, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, black olives, shrimps, mozzarella cheese.
From the Gourmet Pizza selection, the House Special Pizza is definitely a must-try! A savory sauce exclusive only to Sarpino's makes the base of this pizza's taste, and stringy mozzarella cheese holds all the generous toppings together; the pepperoni and turkey ham is soft and tender, both complementing each other's salty and sweet chewiness respectively, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and black olives give the pizza a fresh crunch with an explosion of flavor, and the shrimps are juicy and supple. The different toppings blend so splendidly with each bite that it seems like a fusion of flavors made in heaven.
2. BBQ Chicken Pizza
Sarpino's BBQ Chicken
What's in this pizza masterpiece: BBQ shredded chicken, mushrooms, red and green peppers, onions, mozzarella cheese, BBQ sauce.
The BBQ Chicken pizza is part of the 1-for-1 Pizza selection. The trouble with adding chicken to pizzas is that they are very susceptible to drying out in the oven and ending up tasting like cardboard pieces. Not for this pizza though! The shredded chicken bits remain moist and tender, still retaining its taste but also infused with a slight smoky flavor from the BBQ sauce. The mushrooms, red and green peppers, and onions goes along exceptionally well with the chewy chicken. This sweet and savory pizza will have you licking remains off your plate.
3. Pepperoni Pizza
Sarpino's Pepperoni Pizza
What's in this pizza masterpiece: Beef pepperoni, mozzarella cheese
The second pizza from the 1-for-1 Pizza selection, this one needs no introduction. Pepperoni pizza is the most popular choice of pizza all around the world and the one from Sarpino's is absolutely marvelous! The heat from the oven causes the oil stored in the pepperoni to ooze out, saturating the creamy mozzarella cheese on the pizza with its flavorful spicy and peppery taste.
4. Cayenne Chicken Wings
Sarpino's Cayenne Chicken Wings
Spicy and succulent, the chicken wings are slowly grilled to excellence so that the meat is almost falling off the bones and it practically melts in your mouth.
Sarpino's truly indulge their consumers with superior ingredients; 100% mozzarella cheese, sauces prepared daily from only vine-ripened tomatoes, authentic Italian spices, high-quality meats that guarantees no artificial fillers, an assortment of the freshest vegetables, and dough that is hand kneaded in Italian tradition when you place your order. Even for all the first-rate ingredients they use to make their pizzas, prices remain remarkably affordable. From the classic to the gourmet pizzas, Sarpino's offers mouth-watering perfection.
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