10 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Beer

Beer is not for wimps and pussies. It is a hardcore drink. Forget whiskey, wine, and all of that other bullshit - the only alcoholic beverage that really matters is beer. Here are 10 reasons (or excuses) why you should definitely drink more beer:
1. Beer keeps your kidneys healthy
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While hard liquor like vodka and whiskey will burn your kidneys, beer softly and tenderly caresses it. A study from Finland found that beer is more beneficial to your kidneys than any other alcoholic drink; a bottle of beer a day lowers the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%.
2. Beer boosts B vitamin levels
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A Dutch study discovered that beer-drinkers have 30% higher levels of vitamin B6 levels in their blood than non-beer-drinkers. This is increased by twofold for wine drinkers. Beer also contains vitamin B12 and folic acid.
3. Beer is high in fiber
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Beer, especially dark beer, contains a gram of soluble fiber in every bottle. This fiber helps to lower your LDL cholesterol levels (the bad kind of cholesterol).
4. Beer is good for bones
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Research conducted in 2009 found that the high levels of silicon in beer is good for your bone density.
5. Beer hydrates
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A recent study indicated that beer hydrates “slighty better” than water, and it even recommended “moderate consumption” of beer as part of an athlete's diet.
6. Hoppy Beer contains antiviral properties
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Most beers are brewed with hops, and researchers in Sapporo, Japan found that hops contain the compound 'humulone' that acts as an effective guard against a virus that can cause severe forms of pneumonia and bronchitis in children.
7. There are giant clouds of beer in space
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Even the universe is pro-beer. Scientists found enough alcohol 10,000 light years away that can fill 400 trillion trillion pints of beer.
8. Beer is feminist
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The pioneer beer brewers were mostly women. Colonial women ran majority of the ancient beer halls and taverns. Beer power!
9. Beer is historical
ebla tablets
Of all the beverages produced by humans, beer is probably the one with the richest history. The Ebla tablets which date back to c. 2500 BCE in Mesopotamia, revealed that brewing beer was a very popular occupation for women. It is also known that beer made from baked barley bread was part of the Egyptian pharoahs' daily diet.
10. Beer is delicious
With 400 different types of beers to choose from, you will never tire of beer.
Here's a philosophy you can apply for beer since it reaps so many health benefits amongst many other frivolous yet awesome stuff: A bottle a day keeps the doctor away. Let's drink to that.
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