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Breeks Christmas Set Menu
There is something magical about the Christmas season that makes people want to dance, to laugh, to sing, to love, and to make merry. Then as night falls, and the streets brilliantly sparkle with the millions of Christmas lights against the velvety darkness, a calm descends and a warm, fuzzy feeling envelopes you, and you definitely would not want to miss out on a heartwarming Christmas dinner with your loved ones. But the dilemma of finding an affordable restaurant that serves delectable dishes worthy of the festive occasion can put a damper on your Christmas spirit since many restaurants put an exorbitant price-tag on their specially crafted Christmas menu. However, thanks to Breeks, you and your closest friends and family members can still celebrate the joyous season by indulging in a divine feast that will not burn a hole through your pocket.
For this upcoming festive occasion, Breeks has put together a gastronomical delight just for all you merrymakers! Guaranteed to pleasure your tastebuds and keep your pockets hole-free, the menu will run from 16 December till 31 December 2013. The Christmas set menu that has been lovingly created by Breeks' master-chefs focuses very heavily on the enchanting aspects that Christmas has to offer. Each set is a 3-course meal that consists of a bowl of soup, one main course and the dessert. Set menus range from $25.90+ to $26.90+ respectively, depending on the selection between the two main courses: Roasted Turkey Harissa or Fillet of Norwegian Salmon.
Soup Of The Day: Mushroom Soup or Asparagus Soup
You can't really say that you had a hearty meal if there was no soup at the beginning of your feast. What else is better than whetting your appetite with a nice, steaming bowl of creamy soup especially during the cold Winter season to warm your soul? The Soup of the Day will either be the buttery Mushrooom Soup or the savoury Asparagus Soup, both extremely slurp-alicious in their own right.
Main Course: Roasted Turkey Harissa or Fillet of Norwegian Salmon
Roasted Turkey Harissa:
Breeks Christmas Set Menu
The Roasted Turkey Harissa is truly a wonder to behold. This Moroccan/Mid-Eastern dish consists of 2 thick, juicy slabs of turkey breasts imported from the U.S. that are generously slathered with a special Harissa marinate before cooking. The Harissa marinate is a mix of Arabic-Tunisian spices which gives off just the right amount of spiciness for that extra kick. The meat is firm yet tender with both sides slightly charred to perfection. A stream of cranberry sauce winds alongside the turkey breasts as a dip, and the combination of the tangy, succulent meat with the candy-sweet sauce makes such a remarkable fusion of flavors that no other words except “SHIOK” can describe this match made in heaven. A spectacular taste of the Mediterranean, the Roasted Turkey Harissa is also accompanied by stir-fried seasonal vegetables, and chunks of roasted pumpkin and potato. 
Fillet of Norwegian Salmon:
Breeks Christmas Set Menu
Not only is salmon a pure and rich source of fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids that provide you with a wide array of health benefits, it is incredibly delicious as well! The pink, air-flown Norwegian salmon is pan-fried on its skin-side to a crispy excellence that crackles in your mouth, and comes soaking in a puddle of irresistible coriander butter which very magnificently complements the crumbly salmon flesh. The two chunky salmon pieces come along with a salad side and a handful of well-seasoned, soft, and juicy prawns comfortably nestled in a bed of diced carrots and pickles.
Dessert: Salted Caramel Brownie with a scoop of Ice Cream
Breeks Christmas Set Menu
Have you ever thought about how miraculous it is that no matter how full you are, your tummy always has room for dessert? Well, once you take a bite into this sweet, chocolatey brownie, you will devour everything on the plate and maybe still crave for more. Served warm with a sprinkle of chopped almonds, you need not worry about this brownie being too sweet for your tastebuds. This brownie pairs divinely with the cold vanilla ice cream, and once it touches your tongue, you will experience an exquisite burst of flavors and textures. So while the brownie is both rich in its bitter-sweet and slightly salty taste, the vanilla ice cream subtly cools it down and prevents it from being too overwhelming. Only dark chocolate of superior quality is used in Breeks' brownies, and they are handmade with no preservatives added. The Salted Caramel Brownie from Breeks is only exclusive to this Christmas season, and once we welcome in the New Year, you would have to bid farewell to this glorious masterpiece until Christmas comes round again, so you better have your fill of it now while it lasts!
Christmas Drink: Brown Noel
Breeks Christmas Set Menu
This drink is not included in the Christmas set menu, but it is a MUST-MUST-MUST-TRY. I cannot emphasize enough on how you cannot pass up slurping down this quintessential Christmas drink. For only $5.90+, the Brown Noel is practically Christmas in a cup, a sip of this will send you spiraling down Christmas lane lined with candy-canes and happy elves singing Christmas carols. Thick, frothy and chocolatey, the Brown Noel is a holiday dessert drink that will make you imagine you are gulping down a chocolate cloud. A sinful concoction of chocolate, ice cream, and other secret ingredients, this creamy beverage is further sweetened with a puff of fluffy whipped cream, a piece of honeydew and strawberry chocolate, mini marshmallow toppings, and then finished off with a dusting of coffee powder.
Breeks Christmas Set Menu
Breeks' Signature Brownies-In-A-Box will make the perfect gift to treat your family members, friends or corporate clients this Christmas. With 7 different varieties of smooth, rich and velvety brownies to choose from, you can spoil your loved ones at just $38+ for a beautiful box of 16 brownies. Brownie flavors include the Classic Walnut, Assorted Nuts, Marble Choc, Marshmallow, Nutella, Oreo and the seasonal Salted Caramel.
Get further bang for your buck with Breeks current promotions for their Brownies-In-A-Box:
  • Citibank - 20% off per box
  • SAFRA/HomeTeamNS Vouchers – 15% off with min use of 1 NS45 Voucher
  • MINDEF Staff – 20% off for every 2nd box purchased
  • My Preferred Card member – for purchase of 1 box = 10% off for purchase of one box; for purchase of two boxes, 50% off for the 2nd box purchase
Schedule a Christmas dinner with Breeks in your Advent calendar to have a jolly good time!
3 Complimentary Meal Vouchers Up For Grabs!
For this festive season, Breeks would love to celebrate Christmas with every single one of you out there, and what better way to do so than participating in the joyous act of GIVING? YAY!!!
Breeks is giving away 3 Complimentary Meal Vouchers to 3 lucky winners as Christmas presents!
Here's how to take part in the contest:
1. Like both FreshGrads.Sg and Breeks Singapore pages.
2. Like and share this post.
3. Answer this question in the comment box: “What is the price for the Fillet of Norwegian Salmon set and what ingredients go into making this dish?
(Answer can be found in the article)
Complimentary Meal Voucher includes:
1. Choice of one main course/pasta/cibatta (exclude Hotplate River Prawns, Beef Steak, Lamb Steak, and Salmon Steak).
2. One Classic Brownie with one scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.
3. Choice of one glass of Soft Drink (Pespi/ 7-UP/ Pespi Light).
Terms & Conditions:
  • Customer must present this voucher prior to ordering.
  • Valid for use on Mon - Sun lunch and dinner. Not valid for use on eve of and on Public Holidays and Special Occasions.
  • Not applicable for Festive/Christmas Set Meal.
  • Not valid in conjunction with other promotions, birthday treats, My Preferred card, or other vouchers.
  • Valid at Breeks City Square Mall only.
  • Valid with Zingrill Cash Vouchers.
  • Valid till 31st March 2014.
Contest commences on 13 December and ends on 19 December 2013. The winners' names will be announced on FreshGrads' page, so stay tuned to find out! Good luck!
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