One Burger To Rule Them All: The World's Hottest Chili Burger has put 5 People in the Hospital

hottest burger
We from Singapore love our spicy food. Everything seems to be tastier with chili. For some reason, setting our tongues on fire makes eating a more pleasurable experience for us, and many Singaporeans would like to think that they can handle more spice than others can. Well, we would like to see how many chili-lovers will give up after biting into the XXX Hot Chili Burger. This burger has been dubbed the hottest dish in Britain and has already put 5 people in the hospital.
The insanely spicy burger from Burger Off in Hove, Sussex, England is topped with a chili sauce worth a staggering 9.2 million on the Scoville scale. To give our Singaporean readers a clearer perspective of how crazy hot this is, our much beloved Chili Padi (a.k.a. Bird's Eye Chili) measures only around 50,000 – 100,000 Scoville units, which is at the lower end of the scale.
hottest burger
One diner was taken to hospital with a suspected perforated bowel after eating the spicy dish, while four others were admitted for treatment on the same night for suspected anaphylactic shock. It can cause so much harm to the human body that Burger Off's owner, Nick Gambardella is now asking customers to sign a legal disclaimer that prevents them from suing him and the establishment should they fall victim to the burger's fiery burn.
The waiver reads: “I the undersigned accept all responsibility for any effects incured (sic) due to the consumtion (sic) of the above mentioned XXX Hot Chilli Burger and release Burger Off, its owner and staff from any liability.”
hottest burger
55-year-old Gambardella said that he was amazed that he was even allowed to sell such a spicy burger, adding that “It has been a massive hit with the customers”.
Even Gambardella is afraid of his own creation and confessed he has never tried one of the XXX Hot Chili Burger before.
“I have to admit I’ve not dared to try one of these burgers myself as they are so spicy,” he said.
“One guy came in and he was just a little bit cocky and when he left he was admitted to hospital because prior to eating the burger he had a stomach ulcer and we believe it perforated his bowel. He wasn’t in a good way but he pulled through.”
“I've also heard the local hospital had people on crash mats on adrenalin drips from my burger. But we never call an ambulance, it is always the customer who calls.”
hottest burger
While it may cause harmful effects, the health department people are not too bothered by this. In fact, Gambardella revealed that he had “spoken to people at environmental health but they think it is hilarious.”
The burger which can be purchased by people above the age of 18 for only £2.80 is slathered with the notorious sauce based on a Piri Piri chili concentrate, created through steaming and later infused with carbon dioxide.
So far, 3,000 brave-hearts have risen up to the challenge, but only 59 have succeeded in finishing the entire burger.
Gambardella said that aside from vomiting (which is very common), the burger has made many of the customers break out in other bizarre antics, which include stripping naked, begging for mercy, and punching windows.
hottest burger
“The burgers are cooked properly - it’s the sauce that is maybe too hot to handle,” said Gambardella.
“One of my customers works at the local hospital and they came down to tell me that staff held a two hour meeting about my chilli burger and that they are changing how they treat ‘the fallen’,” Gambardella said. “'They’ve now decided that an adrenalin drip is more effective for dealing with the anaphylactic shock that the burger sometimes brings on.”
Gamberdella has no idea why there are so many people clamoring to try the burger and despite him warning them of all the health risks the little burger poses, they still go for it anyway. He reckons that these people who actually try it are “slightly mad”, but then again he thinks that people are just regarding it as a challenge.
“Obviously I always take my responsibilities as a food retailer seriously but if my customers want super spicy food, I am entitled to give them what they want,” Gambardella said.
All sorts of people have tried this burger, from young men to parents. For the less courageous, but equally curious patrons, Burger Off offers a cocktail stick sample.
hottest burger
People have always asked Gambardella about where he get his spicy sauce from, to which he jokingly replies, “If I tell you I will have to kill you”. They retaliate by saying “well it's not really that hot”, so Gambardella got up and made something hotter which is what the XXX is made of now.
“'Now it’s got a bit of a following from people travelling for miles to challenge a friend or themselves.”
Many of the burger's conquerors have taken to boasting their conquest on Twitter and The Burger Off Facebook page.
Facebook user Douglas Hogarth said: 'My brother had heard all these bold statements beforehand about how he went to Dubai and Delhi and demanded their hottest possible curry and it barely made him break a sweat. He got two bites into The XXX and gave up. Then spent two days recovering.”
Another user commented “Sadly I can confirm that this Burger is no joke.”
Do you think that you or any of your friends are up to the challenge of finishing this burger? Share this article and maybe, some crazy chili-lover from Singapore will actually fly to Britain to chow down on the World's Hottest Burger.
Information Source: Daily Mail

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