Can You Take the Heat?: Wildfire’s Rattlesnake Burger Tastes Like Both Heaven and Hell in Your Mouth

rattlesnake burger
The Carolina Reaper is legendary for its fiery ability. Crowned by the Guinness World Records to be the king of all chili peppers, this little red fruit is the spiciest chili known to man and is notorious for causing chronic vomiting, severe stomachaches, labored breathing, and even heart attacks. So naturally when Wildfire rolled out with the Rattlesnake Burger with the Carolina Reaper as its main attraction, I simply had to try it.
Going at $26, the Rattlesnake burger is not really made out of snake meat. The burger features a 120 day grain-fed beef patty with Carolina Reaper, sun-dried tomatoes, chipotle aioli, beer caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, butterhead lettuce and their secret sauce between signature brioche buns. For reference, the Carolina Reaper scores up to 2,200,000 on the Scoville scale which is at least 10 times hotter than Singapore’s beloved Chili Padi (Bird's eye chili).
rattlesnake burger
With much trepidation and excitement, I placed my order for the Rattlesnake burger. Within a couple of minutes, I was notified via the restaurant’s buzzer to collect my order. I  thoroughly inspected the burger as it arrived on my table like how one would desperately scrutinize their stalker’s face and try to retain all information of his/her details so that they would be able to accurately report it to the police in the event of an attempted murder.
My first thought was: where is the chili in the burger? Apparently the Carolina Reaper is finely minced and infused with the sauces so there is no way you can cheat and pull them out. You just got to gear yourself up for battle and dive into it, which is what I did with an intense look of determination on my face, hoping that I would emerge victorious.
rattlesnake burger
The first bite was out of this world; the soft, pillowy buns almost melted in my mouth like butter, the beer caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, chipotle aioli and Wildfire’s secret master sauce fused together to form a perfect harmony of flavors that is savory, sweet, creamy, and umami all at the same time. The lettuce provided a nice crunch, the sun-dried tomatoes gave the burger a slight tanginess and the medium beef patty was oozing its lovely juices everywhere. I was in heaven. Then the spice kicked in and hit me like a steam train, and my mouth burned like the eternal fiery pits of hell. The Rattlesnake burger is really as lethal as its name suggests.
Just three bites in, my face was dripping with perspiration, my heart rate had accelerated by twofold, my hearing was partially impaired, I felt light headed, and my tongue felt like it was continuously being pricked by a thousand tiny needles over and over again (having pierced my tongue before, I can guarantee that that has got nothing on this burger’s spiciness). But just like a moth drawn to a flame, I continued stuffing it into my mouth. I wasn’t about to give up, I was a woman on a mission. Despite my tongue being on fire, I was still able to taste every evolving flavor that the burger comprised of. If it had not been one of the best burgers I have ever eaten, I wouldn’t have been able to find the motivation to press on.
rattlesnake burger
Eventually after 15 minutes, the whole burger was floating in chunks in my stomach. Satisfied and pleased with myself (and still slightly panting), I wolfed down all the fries which helped to extinguish the fire in my mouth. It was a tough battle but I managed to conquer the Rattlesnake burger!
Or so I thought. Shortly after my triumph over the burger, I experienced excruciating stomach pains at night which continued to the next afternoon. The digested burger exited in intervals in a really unpleasant manner which I will not elaborate on. Chili-heads who wish to take on this burger as well should think about exit contingencies. You have been forewarned; the Rattlesnake burger might just burn another cavity through you on its way out, if you know what I mean.
All in all, I do not regret trying the Rattlesnake burger, it was actually really delicious even though my tongue had to temporarily burn in hell for me to experience all the unique flavors coming together to form the ultimate spicy burger. If I am ever crazy enough to do it again, I would probably bring along some milk as I was cocky on my virgin experience and only had beer to assist me. I recommend this burger to all spice lovers, you will definitely get a kick out of it if you are brave enough to take the heat.
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