Top 10 Cutest Macarons on Earth Too Cute to Eat

cute macarons
The sweetest and cutest sugary treat of all time is probably the macaron. Petite and pretty, they come in a myriad of colors and flavors, and thanks to insanely talented bakers; shapes. These are literally eye candy.
1. Pikachu & Pokeball Macarons
pokemon macarons
2. Unicorn Macarons
unicorn macarons
3. Chicken Macarons
chicken macarons
4. Unicorn Macaron Carousel
unicorn macaron carousel
5. Sheep Macarons
sheep macarons
6. Hamster Macarons
hamster macarons
7. Winne the Pooh Tsum Tsum Macarons
tsum tsum macarons
8. Gudetama Macarons
gudetama macarons
9. Floral Painted Macarons
floral macarons
10. Bunny Macarons
bunny macarons

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