Wicked Grill: A Steakhouse in Katong For Big Carnivorous Appetites on a Budget

wicked grill
Meet Wicked Grill's colossal meat platter. It's imposing, it's dramatic, it's intense and it's absolutely wicked.
Wicked Grill's awe-inspiring creations, born out of fire and steel from the kitchen, have taken carnivorous appetites in Singapore by storm. The steakhouse's blaze to glory is primarily derived from its extremely value-for-money meat buffets and platters boasting gargantuan portions.
The restaurant is located at the corner of a row of shophouses along Tanjong Katong Road, hard to miss with its very distinct neon yellow sign stylized with a meat cleaver.
wicked grill
Meatlovers have to make a booking at least two months in advance to get a spot in Wicked Grill's all-you-can-eat weekend buffet at just $29.80 nett per pax. The meat-centric buffet is only available on Saturday and Sunday, from 11am – 2.30pm, with each diner given an allowance of 90 minutes to gorge himself/herself silly. The buffet features Australia grass fed rib-eye with four different choices of sauces, grilled chicken with four selections of sauces, fish with two varieties of sauces, and 10 side dishes to pick, from asparagus to truffle fries. 
If you are eagerly anticipating to chow down on some affordable grilled meats and can't bear to wait two months for the next buffet slot, Wicked Grill's a la carte menu presents a wide array of cheap eats too that will appeal to even the most budget-conscious customer.
wicked grill
The nondescript interior of the restaurant is plainly painted in red, perhaps due to the color's ability of raising heart rate, triggering appetite, and instilling a sense of urgency so that it prompts customers to leave quickly for a speedier influx of patrons.
Some of the paint has chipped off and while it is definitely not a very sophisticated eatery, one does not come here for the ambiance, one visits this place solely for the purpose of stuffing one's face with glorious meats. The lack of a beautifully furnished interior is made up with the thick and succulent cuts of meat, sitting seductively and oozing its juices onto the plate and in the mouths of hungry customers.
Premium Platter, $69.80
wicked grill
The Premium Platter is suggested for three to four pax, but honestly, we shared this among 6 people (four men and two ladies) and most of our stomachs were distended beyond proportion with more food to spare lingering on the platter. So if you have a normal Singaporean's appetite, you might want to split this 6 ways, which is definitely more worth it and less wasteful than going for the buffet.
The Premium Platter consists of three slabs of Australia rib-eye steak each weighing 200 grams, three grilled chicken thighs, three dory fish fillets, half a rack of St. Louis pork ribs, six wicked spicy drumlets, a mountain of fries, a pile of onion rings, four portions of grilled corn and three side dishes. The platter is also served with four different types of sauces to complement the meats: red wine sauce, black pepper sauce, creamy mushroom sauce and wholegrain mustard sauce.
wicked grill
Australia 200 gm Rib-Eye
The steak was perfectly grilled medium-rare and secreting out juices from within. While it didn't have a melt-in-the-mouth effect that I have grown accustomed to from all the intricately marbled steaks served during media tastings at gourmet restaurants, the quality of the rib-eye resonated with the extremely affordable pricetag. The thick hunk of steak was succulent and tender, fragrantly smoky, adequately marinated with a velvety texture.
wicked grill
½ Rack St. Louis Pork Ribs
A half rack of ribs equates to six individual rib bones. The BBQ sauce generously slathered over the rack was thick, syrupy and sticky, heavily concentrated with smoky aromas and a sweet richness. However, the ribs were not as soft or juicy to my liking. Some parts of it were hard, tough, dry, and tasteless, and the BBQ sauce was the only saving grace.
wicked grill
Grilled Chicken
It is easy to figure out why the grilled chicken thighs were unanimously the crowd favorite among my team. Fatty, bursting with juices and big on flavor, the grilled chicken thighs had a wonderfully caramelized exterior and an interior imbued with liquefied fat. The fat from its skin had thoroughly permeated through the meat and gave it a very buttery consistency.
wicked grill
Dory Fish
The dory fish was moist and so tender that it crumbled away in large flakes when I attempted to spear a piece with my fork. There wasn't much taste to this though other than the mild, slightly sweet natural flavors contained within the flesh. I would suggest to start with this first before moving on to the other meats as the nuanced flavor profile of the dory might fall short on your tastebuds after your palette has been overwhelmed with the richer meats.
wicked grill
Wicked Spicy Drumlets
Don't get intimidated by its name and the deep maroon shade of the glaze. The drumlets have just a little bit of kick to them to balance out the sweetness of the sauce and prevent it from getting too sickening, similar to Korean fried chicken wings. These drumlets were delicious. Despite being thoroughly coated in the sweet and spicy glaze, the exterior was still extremely crunchy while the meat inside was juicy, flavorful and easily fell right off the bone.
wicked grill
From left to right: Bacon Mash Potatoes, Mac & Cheese, Creamed Spinach
We picked bacon mash potatoes, mac & cheese, and creamed spinach as our sides, topping up just $3.50 for a lobe of pan-fried foie gras. We approved of the creamy rich gravy puddled in a ramekin along with velvety mashed potatoes and topped with the salty crunch of the bacon bits. We thought that the mac & cheese could be creamier with a fusion of different cheeses for a medley of flavors. The creamed spinach was fresh but a little bit watery and could also do with a richer consistency. While the foie gras was an absolute steal for just $3.50 a piece, there wasn't that signature delicious muskiness associated with the liver. It was extremely soft and melted in the mouth like butter but was weirdly devoid of its heavenly earthiness.
All in all, Wicked Grill is a great place to visit if you enjoy eating meat pure and simple at extremely reasonable prices without going into the finer things like marbling.
Wicked Grill
wicked grill
Address: 306 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437089
Hours: Mon – Fri 5pm – 11pm, Sat – Sun 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 11pm
Tel.: +65 6247 7803
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