The Armoury: A Craft Beer Bar with Something for Everyone

craft beer bar
There are not too many craft beer bars in Singapore, so when we chanced upon The Armoury, the hopheads in us were ecstatic, more so to know that its craft beers are tapped rather than bottled.
craft beer bar
The Armoury is a rustic little watering hole located within the confines of a white-washed, red-tiled roof colonial building that was formerly home to an actual armoury. The bar is furnished in a warm and cozy industrial décor with gas pipes running overhead, fairy lights stringed from rafters, light fixtures with giant filament bulbs illuminating the space, and solid wooden tables.
The Armoury has an impressive dining menu with a plethora of mouthwatering options to select from and an equally awe-inspiring drinks menu that range from craft beers to champagne to wash down your meal.
craft beer bar
Fitted onto the brick wall of the bar is every beer lover’s dream – an eclectic assortment of beer taps that dispenses the diverse nectar of the hop gods. All 15 taps spanning across the wooden board have been carefully curated and chosen to be permanently represented in The Armoury for the sheer amount of pleasure it brings to every palette, from regular lagers to specialty India pale ales.
craft beer bar
We headed to The Armoury with the objective of trying a little something of everything but unfortunately due to an oversight, we were mistakenly invited at a time when the kitchen was closed. However, the kitchen staff were kind enough to dedicate a little time out of their mid-day break to whipping up a couple of burgers for us as we were famished upon arrival. We eventually ordered McDonalds’ to consume along with the tipples served, as the three burgers, though delicious, were not enough to satiate our appetites. Here is our verdict.
Armoury Burger, $19
Armoury Burger
Armoury Burger
Wholeheartedly and heartily packed full of flavor and delectable juices, the Armoury Burger was a giant delicious fireball timed to explode in an ambrosial deluge of mellifluous tastes and textures intermingling and complementing each other like a beautiful, edible melody in your mouth.
The 180g house-ground beef patty erupted with sprays of savory beefy juices as we chowed down into it, the candied onions caramelized in Red Wine Maker’s Mark Bourbon took on the role of a sweet textured jam that both intensified and complemented the savory flavors of the beef patty. The bacon provided a nice, smoky flavor, the Gorgonzola cheese presented a hint of rich creaminess, the baby arugula yielded an evergreen freshness, and the garlic horseradish mayo contributed to a sharp and creamy contrast. All these bursts of umami packed within a pillowy toasted brioche bun, crisp on the outside but soft and buttery on the inside.
Hitachino Dai Dai IPA, $13/pint during Happy Hour, $17/pint Regular
IPA (6.2% abv) It is aromatically complex, multi-layered and unmistakably “right”
Hitachino Dai Dai IPA
It fills the glass with a clear golden-orange hue topped with a thin white head that slowly dissipates. It has an uplifting aroma of mandarin and ale malts. It contains a mellow bitterness that is crisp and refreshing on a sweltering hot day. It is light-bodied but definitely not watered down, and goes down smoothly with its mild carbonation.
Fourpure Pilsner, $10/pint during Happy Hour, $14/pint Regular
Pilsner (4.7% abv) Generous hops, delightful floral & spicy aroma with a dry, crispy & refreshing finish
Fourpure Pilsner
An extremely pale straw color with a long lasting off-white, creamy head that leaves remnants of lacing on the glass. It gives off a nuanced grassy aroma with a hint of grains. Extremely thin on the palette with a slightly floral and citrusy taste finished with a crisp dryness at the end. There is nothing special to rave about this beer, but it definitely goes down easy.
Kona Big Wave, $12/pint during Happy Hour, $16/pint Regular
Golden Ale (4.4% abv) The most refreshing and crushable ale, direct from Hawaii. Slightly fruity and pleasant to drink
Kona Big Wave
It pours clear amber in color with a small diminishing head. It does not really smell like much, and it is light on the palette with mellow flavors of hops and malt. This beer is perfect for delicate tastebuds that do not want anything too heavy or flavorful.
Maisel's Weiss, $12/pint during Happy Hour, $16/pint Regular
Hefeweizen (5.2% abv) Traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen. Brewed after the German purity law. With hints of banana, nutmeg, orange zest
Maisel's Weiss
It fills the glass with a dark hazy orange shade with a thick, foamy head. It has a malty bouquet with hints of bananas. The notes of bananas hit first on the tongue followed by the smooth hearty flavors of nutmeg and a citrusy bitterness of orange peels.
Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar, $13/pint during Happy Hour, $17/pint Regular
American Brown Ale (6.2% abv) Hazelnut aroma with a rich nutty flavor & smooth malty finish
Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar
Hands down and unanimously, the best beer we have ever had in our lives so far. We previously tried it bottled, and when we tried it fresh from the tap, it blew our minds. It colors the glass a deep, rich brown. It has a delicately sweet and nutty aroma. The simple aroma does not prepare you for the flavor explosion that blossoms on your tastebuds with just one sip though. The woody and nutty flavors of hazelnut is the star of the show, encapsulating homely and comforting flavors with undertones that include chocolate, toffee, maple, brown sugar and malt. It is paradoxically thick and velvety in taste, almost tasting like syrup, but thin and light in consistency and glides down your throat as smooth as a cascading waterfall. Anyone, from amateurs venturing into craft beers for the first time all the way to seasoned craft beer enthusiasts, would be able to genuinely appreciate the taste of this heavenly concoction.
Stone Go To IPA, $12/pint during Happy Hour, $16/pint Regular
IPA (4.8% abv) Explodes with citrusy, piney hop flavors and aromas, all perfectly balanced by a subtle malt character
Stone Go To IPA
The color of gold with aromas of tropical fruits, citrus, pine, malt, and hops. It bursts with hops, citrus and springtime blooms with a subtle evergreen hint of pine. It tastes fresh and sparkling with medium carbonation.
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed, $13/pint during Happy Hour, $17/pint Regular
IPA (6.4% abv) Brewed with citra & mosaic hops, delivering a mouthwatering fruity flavor
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed
Hazy orange with a small white head. It wafts with the scents of tropical fruits, grass, caramel and herbs. The flavor of grapefruits washes over your palette, juicy, sweet, bitter and citrusy with a fine carbonation. It really does taste like an alcoholic blend of freshly squeezed citrus fruits with a floral aftertaste of hops.
Fourpure American Pale Ale, $12/pint during Happy Hour, $16/pint Regular
APA (5% abv) A clean, simple malt bill is supported by big whirlpool and dry hop additions giving the beer bright, citrusy and tropical aromas
Fourpure American Pale Ale
Pours a deep golden yellow with a white, creamy, dense head. It contains bready malts in its aroma with hints of orange, pine, and grass. It has a medium sweet flavor with a moderate bitterness and a fruity, malty and hoppy finish.
Hitachino White Ale, $13/pint during Happy Hour, $17/pint Regular
Witbier (5.5% abv) Perfect blend of fruitiness and spice with flavors of coriander, nutmeg, orange peel & orange juice
Hitachino White Ale
Fills the glass with cloudy bright yellow liquid with an off-white receding head. It has an aroma of malt and grains, and a base flavor of rice with citrus top notes.
Kona Longboard, $10/pint during Happy Hour, $14/pint Regular
Lager (4.6% abv) Smooth, refreshing island lager. Perfect for a hot day
Kona Longboard
Crystal-clear and pale yellow in color, the Kona Longboard smells of grains, hay and hops. It is crisp on the palette with a trace of honey and full of thick carbonation. It tastes like liquid sunshine and is perfect for hot, summery days by the beach.
The Armoury
The Armoury
Address: 36 Beach Rd, Singapore 189677
Hours: Mon – Thurs 11.30am – 11pm, Fri 11.30am – 1am, Sat 12pm – 12am, Sun 12pm – 9.30pm
Happy Hour: 5pm - 8pm daily
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